People who don't have a Ktalk account, what do you think of this site?

I’m specifically talking to the guys that don’t have an account here so if you do have one don’t bother replying.

This is literally the stupidest most retarded post in the entire history of Ktalk.

Stfu! dameeryahow.

How dumb can you get surely? Are you also from randan?

who then should reply?

Stop derailing my fucking thread ama ntaita Admin


Go fuck yourself. Please add gladly


A product of @Mosa and @Mrs Shosho speaking what he was taught best

Mister Nonsense is here.

Yaani jamaa anashikwa na weed anasema ni mungu amempea instructions:D


kuna place anasema bora kunguni:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Jisafishe maitho HAPA buda

:D:D:D:D:D mjamaa, wewe ni retard. People who don’t have accounts here can’t comment. They can only read your stupid post and laugh. Ng’ombe ya zebu wewe.

Ujinga ni kipawa.

Urimu no ta uthungu

ukivuruta mbangi huwe unakunywa maziwa.