People want you to join their misery. Anyway, shiet, kula kwanza


@FieldMarshal CouchP ,we ni mzee wa heshima…Ongea na huyo mtoto afanye vitu za maana na life yake

Guka tafuta huyu mtoto uongee na yeye man to man.

@FieldMarshal CouchP hebu kam kiasi

tagini huyu mzee apate ujumbe

This looted cash we want to leave our kids is a curse by itself, always treasure your hard earned cash however little it is…

Sounds like another salty SOB.

Another post spelling out how a man’s depression and angst will be cured by a wife and kids…:D:D:D… Don’t worry lads, marriage is the magic pill that will solve all your problems…

I looooooove the simplistic thinking displayed here… Huyu kijana apelekwe rehabilitation na hiyo pesa ya looting…

We have a very fucked up culture that insists on marriage and children as the solution for everything. It’s like everyone is projecting their misery and guilt on unmarried people and blaming them for their own personal choices. Unmarried and childless women especially suffer because of this.

Huyu boychild just needs to eat great and hit thegym once in a while, hiyo shiet ingine aeke kando. The guy seems to be lving his best life. Huyo bitter beta male ana machungu msee hupitia vitu vyenye anataka

This is more practical than telling him to go and find a wife + kids… This guy is nowhere ready to handle any additional responsibility…

Hitting the gym would give some kind of purpose, but his problem is deeper than that… Alcohol has soooo many layers to it…

Anyone who proposes wife+kids as a solution to anything is stupid… Let people be, let people make decisions that best-fit their circumstances…

In the end, humans are designed to procreate; so wacha mtu ajichagulie wakati anataka ku-procreate… We’re not in a hurry

Sometimes having a wife and kids gives most of us a reason to live and not waste your life on silly stuff.
Good company(good family) relieves depression.

Most idiots who have not lived it will never understand.
Kama hujui, hujui.

Let us live then, so that we can come to the same conclusion as you… Your life should not be a blueprint of how I should live mine

This is bullshit. Married folk and pple with kids commit suicide all the time. Depression is an equal opportunity Thang. He shoulda tried God.

Yap. I have one friend that’s among those that stole the eurobond. Jamaa halalangi juu ya stress. Bribing guys at DCI, DPP and EACC for Intel. Na bribe inachezea 600K to 300K.