People pause to take SELFIES in front of their burning homes as thousands flee lava spewing from DR Congo volcano

[SIZE=6]People pause to take SELFIES in front of their burning homes as thousands flee deadly rivers of lava spewing from DR Congo volcano[/SIZE]
Residents of Goma posed in front of wreckage as lava came to a halt on outskirts of the city on Sunday 23 May
Thousands fled as molten rock swallowed up houses, heading towards Goma airport on shores of Lake Kivu
Military governor of North Kivu province said ‘the city was spared’ by a matter of a few hundred yards
Owners of homes that were caught up in a volcanic eruption paused to take selfies in front of their burning properties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kitu funny is that a that lava comes from the center of the earth, it brings diamonds(high pressured carbon compounds) along with it.

that lava smoke is still toxic and hot, one drop can suddenly burn you, you concentrate on selfies na hio lava lava inakumataa, you’ll cry for mother.

reality, this is the life we live in today, badili ya kufikiria keep away from danger, they had to get close to it. thanks god there wasn’t any fatalities.

so those lads are going to be birrionaires by digging hizo diamonds, in the near future, you’ll hear mining companies running to goma.

No that wasn’t my point , after all has settled down …a mzungu will come with some equipments and start digging for diamonds

yeah i get you bro, :Dwas trying to concentrate on our goma bros to be rich, lakini as you put it, some wazungus will say we are studying volcanic eruption, disguising themselves as some experts etc kumbe wako na malengo zao, continuing stealing the riches of our goma brothers.

You don’t say?

Just imagine none of us knew that!

I thought DRC was a war zone and no one wore ordinary and clean garments. Fake news media continues to be exposed day by day.

sasa kwani watu kwa war zone dont wear ordinary and clean clothes, kwa hivo pia wasikule chakule poa, wakule manyasi na frogs.

not all though,atleast not nyiragongo,its a stratovolcano with a lava lake kule ndani,but
kuna potential
What you mean is a kimberlite volcano that spews diamond embeded rocks and hot ash,
hazikuagi pronounced as regular volcanos,they are usually holes in the ground pale turukana ziko mob

Kimberlite is an igneous rock, which sometimes contains diamonds. It is named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa, where the discovery of an 83.5-carat (16.70 g) diamond called the Star of South Africa in 1869 spawned a diamond rush and the digging of the open-pit mine called the Big Hole.

thats why sauzi afurika are rich in diamonds, because of such volcanoes producing diamonds ?

kwani turukana tuko nazo pia hizo kimberlite volcano ?

every volcano is a potential diamond mine unless it spews diamonds or traces of it are found around the crater then mining commences, but ni turukana, all volcanoes there in the rift are dormant, haijamulikwa vizuri bado but kuna vyenye mtu akijitolea atafraia

for the time being, concentration is on livestock grazing better. they have oil deposits also i think thats why there was an exploration and production australian company, but i think its not a big deposit.


[SIZE=7] sijawai ona fresh lava flow na macho , i would do the same[/SIZE]

Yes. Its a chance of a lifetime to capture the wonders of mother nature. Kwa hivo a selfie is a must.

Volcano emits toxic fumes that severly damages the lungs.

truest kabisa but unlike our Goma brothers, wanafiria ma selfies ndio bora kwao, poor them souls.

even in Iceland people did the same last month. In fact Iceland had become a tourist destination in europe last month as people from different countries in europe went to see the erupting volcano

Hawaii volcano eruption juzi. Maselfie kibao. Poor them hawaii souls.

i wouldnt be surprised if a mzungu geologist is the one who has been inducing that volcano to boil over and bring the diamonds from the core to near the surface. especially those evil king Leopold’s descendants

wewe ni mbirrionea.Ingia pale habesha kuna place inaitwa Erta Ale,there’s a volcano there with surreal views of boiling lava.Usisahau kubeba condom, shimo zote ni moto,if you catch my drift:D