People in Hong Kong are falling ill from a hepatitis virus found in rats -- but nobody knows how they're being infected.

There’s too much coming out of Asia. It may be time to shut them down for now.

The world is ending and Asia seems to be the starting point.

When the Corona ends lazima China will receive severe sanctions.

Do they eat rats?

Rats are a tasty delicacy

These nasty godless people. Give them copies of Exodus so that they learn what is food and what is not to be eaten. Same applies to you pork eating Kenyans you need to reread Exodus

Hong Kong virus. Penda sana

Hata mimi hushangaa vile tulianza kula nguruwe ovyo tu. Sausages were the closest we came to pork.

Those phucks eat anything, am sure rural China they eat humans. Hata wakishika shetani wata kula

In my opinion people in Africa think what non blacks eat is good food. People instinctively trust people who appear wealthier than they are.

Quick quiz, is the above pic an image of a human or pig?
Finally there exists enough literature why pork is bad food but people still eat it.

One day you will end up in Kamakis and they will marianate and roas some juicy pork you will take back your words

Tell him banae. Tell him.
That roast pork at Greenspot is delicious mdau.

Hii game ya biological warfare is far from over.Kaende basi liwe liwalo sasa.

That liwe liwalo might include you dying in order for one “power” to prove it has a longer deek.

What do you have to say about that?

According to who? Western media. Currently Russia has 221k Covid-19 infections and 2k deaths. Germany 172K infections and 7.5k deaths…yet Germany is being lauded by Western media as the model country for dealing with Covid-19. My point is this : don’t expect anything positive or even remotely objective about China/Asia when listening to Western media. It’s like reading Daily Nation and expecting to see something positive about DP Ruto.

The three biggest global religions/delusions do originate in Asia after all…

“You shall not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woolen and linen together.”
Deuteronomy 22:11

The delusions in that book are both hilarious and absurd.

Wacha niende nipike stir fry pork sasa. Very delicious