People complained for Safaricom to put in a local CEO

Now Safaricom revenue growth is flat, profits are down and the share price is back at 13bob. All gains made during the Bob Callmemore era have evaporated. Personally I expected nothing more from a thieving Kikuyu bonobo. Company will continue to go down until competent foreign leadership comes back into the picture


Another KQ…

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The issue is the lack of investor confidence after the KK thugs took over. The NSE has been ranked worst performing in the world. All companies have suffered with KCB being the worst performing.

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Am sure it has something to do with bonoboism. As soon as a fellow monkey took over the native repressed urge for extreme jealousy went into overdrive. I bet the oogabooga are going full on ape shit trying to cut the short orangutan down to his size. All for the pleasure of watching a monkey drawing in failure

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Tough economy. If you are a businessman, you would know. Consumers are not spending as much. It’s how he navigates this session that will determine his skills.

If I were president, people like you would be put in gas chambers like burukenges. Zero confidence in your Africanness and your inferiority complex projects itself into how you view other Africans.

You think because he’s Kenyan like you, then he can’t manage. Simply because you’re not capable doesn’t mean other Kenyans are not. I’ve spoken of this phenomenon before. People like you are the reason foreigners in this country are able to grab prime property and operate conglomerates whereas Kenyans can’t. People like you SABOTAGE fellow successful Africans because your inferiority complex can’t allow you to see another Kenyan making it.

Wacha nipigie Netanyahu aangushe nuke Kenya to get rid of the likes of you. Bure kabisa.

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How about you argue with facts? Trump asked a simple question: name one country run by blacks which isn’t a complete shithole?

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It is true that there’s no successful country run by Black people. That does not mean there exists no competent and able Black people that can govern. The lack of ability to govern of Black leaders DOES NOT mean James Mwangi was incapable of running Equity, or Kariuki from building multiple successful companies or some other Kenyan guy to start a successful operation.

This is where your problem lies. You use the same blanket that incapable African leaders lie in (including yourself) and assume that every other African lies in that same blanket. As such, you attribute Safaricom’s failure to the Kenyan guy who was just made CEO. The world over, thousands of companies run by those wasungus you worship have collapsed, hundreds as have turned out to be scams, and dozens more have turned out to be severe cases of money laundering. Your inferiority complex blinds you from seeing that other races of men also fail catastrophically.

Once again, the incapability of African leaders DOES not mean that every African can’t govern/tun big things. You should be ashamed of yourself. Jump off a bridge utuondolee hii weak mentality. Meffi ya kuku.


The US was ran by Jaluo Obama and is not a shithole.

This guy’s problem is that it was a Kikuyu appointed. He already lowered his expectation immediately the Kikuyu was appointed. Hii Dunia Ina mambo. He would rather a foreigner than a Kikuyu. I always underestimate this tribalism shit.
A whole company like safaricom has confidence in a Kenyan but a nobody from the backwaters of Vihiga only needed to know his tribe to write him off as incompetent. Ok, let’s get Salasya then.

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Never ever put okuyu where their is serious money. Mtajua hamjui. Ngombe ici

Si muweke kidero basi.


It has Vodafone as a major shareholders. Who are still in the board of directors. Your wish of the downfall is a fart in the wind. Juu ya hio story meffi wewe

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Foreign money wamekimbililia usalama kwenye treasury bonds za Yues.