People are saying Miguna was right about Passaris

Yenyewe ogopa wanawake …


Passaris is a perfect example of beauty and brains not being a good match.

In short u mean daniel tombad esther right after she aborted

I wouldn’t say that she doesn’t have brains. She has used her beauty to get ahead in life. Get married and have kids with a billionaire, hang out and fuck with the rich and powerful and is now an MP representing women in the City. She has used brains and beauty to secure serious bag.

So moi and sonko and tinga are tunnel brothers/wamesalimiana

Yeah, alionja fimbo ya nyayo

I wonder why Balala doesn’t smash or marry this woman as his second wife. They perfectly match. Esther ukifika bei na upate ya lodging pale Kempinsky she is game.

Wacha ujinga wewe. At 55, you want to fuck prime 25 year old pussy or a 55 year old woman with political ambitions?

Kuosha rungu Na mtu ameabort is very serious.

Baba aka Tinga aka The Enigma hajauma hio chokoraa

Shida ni hana aibu…hana breaks za mdomo…she just reveals her weakness with rich men…Moi, sonko, Ngugi, James Mwangi etc.

Wengi wanagawa but keep it chini ya maji.

Hajauma aje.??kumbuka the calls she was making to tinga and chokosh before elections for funding and meetings at intercom and serena rooms

Baba was castrated by Nyayo in detention,hawezi rusha missiles.That’s why ali swear Miguna² will never step into Kenya after he exposed who the real fathers of Fidel and Raila junior are.

Hehehe kuwanga serious. BTW sijaskia kama tinga ako Parliament

hii ghassia imetombwa na kila ancestor na bado young guns kina babu wanatomba pia

Balala is a bottom homo

Ati what???

you didnt know kwani umehamia kenya leo ?


He dresses like one…