People are lucky

Hii maisha kuna watu wako lucky sana.

There is this girl, we are agemates and used to live near where we lived while I was on high school. She was a very bright girl na alikuwa anapenda vitabu sana. She didnt entertain the idea of boys in high school and so Kiswahili yangu ilikuwa inagonga ukuta sawa sawa. After finishing high school, she got A- in her KCSE and was called to do Computer Science in Maseno.

She graduated in 2017 December. I dont know if she was lucky or what, come 2018 January she got a job with a starting salary of 40k. She worked there for 2 years and come 2020 she got a call to work for another company and she was being 70k. Imagine being called for a job which you didnt even apply. She has since worked there for the better part of the last 2 years and this week we talked and she told me she quit that job because it was causing her stress. She quit on Tuesday this week and wanted to take time off about 2 months to clear her head and have fun, watch movies etc.

Now she has just told me, she has received a call from a top company in Westlands that is after her services. The salary is good according to her; other then the 70k she was getring the salary for this job is 150k and its flexible since sometimes she can work from home. She has been told to report on Monday to start work officially. Huku nje watu wana bahati sana. I saw her linked in profile nikasema enyewe good things are coming to her.

Wacha nimalizie hii episode 2 ya ‘The last of us’. @Jimit @Yuletapeli itakuaje wakuu.

Hakuna bahati…she just reaped what she showed…alikula vitabu which made her pass therefore was able to be on top when it came to competition for jobs…then translated the same work ethic to the jobs…enyewe chema chajiuza

Kuna kitu inaitwa bahati na Kila mtu ana yake

Ameanza kukubali maneno ya vijana umuitishe sambusa tena ama ulilose interest na kiswahili chako kikaisha?

Mzae ukiandika hivi bado unashanga kwanini galdem anaendelea mbele? Sana sana the part in bold. Ulimaliza form 4 kweli? Hata Leo sitakuuliza story za degree.

Lost interest kitambo and I also moved from where I stayed with my parents to my own place. She has changed too bodywise, she doesnt have that attractive figure she had in high school.

Its a typo you dumb bitch.

Unajua kweli watu hununua KAZI Huku nje, people give up to 1m ndio wajiriwe ni vile wengi hujifanya kuwa walienda interview na wakapass.

I know that’s a possibility juu juzi I narrated how when I went to a national school my classmates confessed to me how their parents and school bought KCPE leakage for them…and by the time we were in form 4 they already had the paper we would eventually take in November as early as February…pia Campo I thought I would be the only one graduating in my class with first class lakini surprisingly tulikuwa kadhaa…juzi nikiwa standard chartered bank nilipata na hao wasee walikuwa wameonyeshwa KCPE na KCSE works huko after graduating with a degree in economics…Kenya is corrupt… infant this is how life is in Africa…to hell with bahati & hard work… connections and cutting corners is the way

Wewe haujui hadi kazi za kanjo zinauzwa… hii kenya hakuna kitu kama merit… mtu anawacha works kukaa nyumbani aangalie movies…:smiley: huyo manzi ako na solid connections.

Most of you don’t know anything about life, how invisible spirits give ways and are directing others, where to go and when to be in the proper place and in proper time. I don’t know if it is some karma or destiny, universe power.
Hitler was an artist and did paintings which looked nice, (where much worse paintings of other artists were adored by audience more) but people hated his work for no reason (some universe power made up their minds to hate it just because, skipping it and ignoring it) and directed him in the ways of destruction world.
You cannot deny what I wrote, because I have proven experience. All you have got is denying, because you not believe in anything what you cannot see and touch. You do not watch closely what is happening around, not connect it all together. Instead, you want to watch television where is only lie. Because you are ignorants, you will be used by Them just as ants in aquarium by higher beings you cannot imagine.

SI utafanya elders warudi shule :smiley:
I thought majority of elders here have degrees nimeshangaa wengi hawakukanyanga hata gate ya campus.

If you want to be succesful, always do whatever job you’re given to the best of your abilities. No half measures. That’s what the former director of Starehe Boys used to inculcate in his students.

Is it any wonder that former students wa Starehe Boys are usually succesful in life and in whatever fields they segue in?

I have an I.Q of 153 but I haven’t accomplished much. Coz I do things in half-heartedly. I’ve wasted so many opportunities.

If there’s anything I can advice young guys, it is: avoid any sort of addiction. If you don’t drink never start. Never smoke your first cigarette. I’ve never seen a smoker succesfully quit. Has something to do with genetic predisposition to smoking. The end result is often cancer.

It better be a well paying job….I thought the point of working was to earn? Weird.

Solid advice. Kuna kijana ya Starch tulikua na yeye campo. Alikula disco second year juu ya kupata Es. Tulishinda tukijiuliza how he couldn’t keep up.

Hii stuff ya the power of the universe which is more or less God, I have only scratched the surface but nilirealize its some pretty powerful stuff. Life is very spiritual. You will find that girl has positive thoughts all the time and that is how the universe conspires for her. Whatever happens in the spirit world is usually what is manifested in the physical.

Stop thinking and clarify which elder went to which university. Wasee wote walienda any university based along Thika Road as well as Daystar University are worse off than they were when they left high school.

Hao wako na slavery mindset and are fucked for life. Kujitoa kwa utumwa itakuwa ngori. Mimi ningekuwa na 1m after college sioni vile ningeingia slavery.

Wangapi wana hiyo option ya kuacha kazi?

There are also unlucky people. @Cross Fire a.k.a @Tauren alipata eternal injury huko highschool [ATTACH=full]492966[/ATTACH]

It is true that some people are just lucky; however, for luck to happen, you have to be at the right place, at the right time, and more importantly, with the right set of skills and connections.

The OP painted someone who excelled in academics and has appealing morals and maybe good work ethics. It is not surprising that she is getting job offers she hasn’t applied. Things are working in her favor as expected.