Pension fund/scheme

Guys which is a good pension scheme that you can advice one to join?

What should one look out for?
Can you easily get your cash if need be?
Are there any challenges or issues one can face when on a pension scheme?
How can one maximise such a facility.

Asanteni, any information and experiences will be highly appreciated

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A good pension scheme is one that will enroll you on DC=defined contribution

Has a good actuarial valuation firm

What most don’t know is that you can use your contributions to finance an asset acquisition

Challenges have been eliminated though not entirely as from 2013(statute limitations)


Whats an actuarial valuation firm?

What challenges are those if you may?

Can you suggest a fund you would recommend?

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Old mutual

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I will answer your question comprehensively later

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Great thanks

liaison pension scheme

seriously…didn’t know this. I thought you can only access the funds on retirement or when one has attained 55yrs or when one leaves employment of the benefactor.

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You beat me to it, but i needed an insight about AAR and if it favors peasants.

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AAR have a pension scheme?

hmm nice. BTW does the age of a pension scheme matter?

not pension…was to include pension + medical cover…let me not derail your thread

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say your employer contributes like 4k per month you chip in the same or more which earns interest monthly. If you want to withdraw you get your own contribution plus interest the rest upon attaining the retirement age of 55. I have used it and liked their services. You wait two weeks to the most to get your contribution cheque


Ai what if employment ikatike…they wont hand over the other sides contribution to you?

Kasimu kako 10% I have other urgent matter at hand

nope but it will still be yours till you hit retirement age. See, the money will still be accruing interest and trust me at 55 you will need it. Watoto either wako college or una mjengo haijaisha

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Napenda sana

Eeh sawa