I don’t know how many of you guys do this but any time im in a Psv esp minibus kwa jam all I do is check out thighs of the drivers and passengers in smaller cars besides us

Hapa akuna mutu hupanda matatu.


@introvert @introvert jangili, let me teach u a new word… Recuse… it means to opt out when your input may lead to harm than good. Kapishhhhhh. Now I demand you Recuse your oily hands from holding that pretty beautiful babygal i saw in the pic. Brary kipara ngotoo makanika mwisi kikaragosi caricature nduthi artisan.

Crawmatsu, diep modhuro, good luck trying to teach a cane cutter manners.

Hehe diep modhuro pia wewe…

I have some weird kind of respect for this guy…


can’t relate, nilipanda mat mwisho 2015 Jan

Hizi matatu mnaongelea ni nini?..could they be the moving tin shacks I see causing trouble in the city?


Nitawacha hi hapa

:D:D:D:D:D:D:DNezza na sijui huo mwingine ni Drake:D:D:D:D:D

Isipokuwa mie.


Or instead of taking you home they drown you in a dam in Githurai.
Yes, those ones.
But still ukiwa na V8 wasee wa nduthi wanakuchapa rithe.

Sasa ona venye makanika murefi amederail thread watu wanamdiscuss badala ya kudiscuss mathayo!!!

As long as we taking lessons in single words @mabenda4 let me also take this opportunity to teach you… Its not Kapish… It is capsce.
That kapish has no meaning… Capisce?
And talking girls, how is the princess?
Naona @mabenda4 akitafuta mawe…Am outta here…


@gashwin What…whaaaat…

fixed now.:smiley: