Peculiar habit about religion

So I paid a little attention on a friend who happened to be fasting . Boy… I just see fanatism and nothing less of that .
Last time the guy ate was 3am. The whole day he is :
1 Miserable looking
2 At his best behavior than other months
3 Always looking at the clock wondering how soon will it be 8pm be so that he can pound of food like a dog
4 He prays more than usual like a 10 times

To be honest i have no words

Mind your business. How does that affect you?

kiroma wanakula morning ni ya kusurvive two days…

:smiley: Don’t bother yourself. Youll never understand religion. Maybe god pays attention or blesses those who starve for 30days. Isnt it silly? How significant is 30days of 365days? Same as going to church to pray once a week instead of everyday.

Isn’t that what fasting is all about, but then he should be prayerful and have high moral stds even after fasting.

@Bottoms hiyo mharo haiko kwa bottom yako. Let it be.

kafiri tulia