Peasants kaeni kando!!

6 bedroom house to let in Runda.

Has got an entertaining area and a parking space for 25 cars.
Monthly rent : 600k

For half the price i can get you a better house…
Are you the realtor?

izo si ni screenshots?

in the same locality?

Does it have an indoor swimming pool? Also a jacuzzi hot tub I believe is a must at that price.

Post interior pictures of the house, I wont be living outside.

This house and the compound looks very dilapidated, for the quoted rental price you should get a better house/compound in such an upmarket address.

Is that the swimming pool?

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]BRAGGING!!![/SIZE]


No kwenyu dunyu

Wacha kwanza tulipie watoto skul fees tutanunua pale 2045.

Most of the people residing in that area have their house rent catered for by their employers.

unless queen Elizabeth slept there as a princess, muthaiga got better for a third of that an the neighbors are quite at a distance.

if I accept to be a slave at (name withheld) studios Nairobi iyo watu Naeza lipia mimi iyo makao but the peasantry in me won’t allow.

Am forging my own way and my dream is to be Africa’s no1in what I do

sexual slave that sings?

Sura msuri sana

I think the people who can afford this are not on KenyaTalk


600k rent??? Wacha tukae na fellow peasants rather than waste money. Mashambani the only bills are electrical. Maji imejaa underground tank and is replenished almost weekly with rain water or pumped from the river. Food straight from the fields and more open space than you know what to do with.

Dear Lord!!I have rented a much better house for 150k in Muthaiga!!What the hell???