Peasants: just waiting for the right spark to trigger a Revolution... Kamaindi incident in Chuka, Tharaka Nithi County is just a tip of the iceberg

Residents of Kamaindi in Chuka,Tharaka Nithi County killed their local chief and the police OCS.

The locals accused their chief of corruption, impunity, thuggery and land grabbing. The chief was also accused of shielding his equally corrupt and criminal brothers.

Residents reported the matter to the government and nothing was done. Then the residents took the law into their hands. They cut the chief in pieces and roasted his body parts. When the OCS and his men went to investigate the matter, he was met with the same wrath. A chilling message it was!

This is what happens when you have a corrupt government and judiciary. Kenyans are getting tired. Revolution begin this way, like the Arab Springs.

The Arab Springs was triggered by a corrupt police officer in Tunisia.

One day in 2011, a 26-year-old Mohamed Bouazizi was getting ready to sell fruits and vegetables in the rural town of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia.

Bouazizi was the breadwinner for his widowed mother and six siblings, but he didn’t have a permit to sell the goods. When the police asked Bouazizi to hand over his wooden cart, he refused and a policewoman allegedly slapped him.

Angered after being publicly humiliated, Bouazizi marched in front of a government building and set himself on fire. His act resonated with the public and widespread riots begun in major towns fuelled by social media.

In the Tharaka Nithi case, the chief’s brother confiscated his neighbor’s goats after they trespassed on his land. He then went ahead and murdered the goats’ owner. Nothing was done to him. Impunity!

But the residents did the unimaginable…

Kenyans are almost at that point of “Kufa dereva kufa makanga. Kama mbaya mbaya…”

This is what happens when you have a corrupt government and judiciary. Kenyans are getting tired. Revolution begin this way, like the Arab Springs.

mchoma maindi si hii revolution unaitegea sana:D:D:D itazimwa kabla haijafika anywhere.

Sawa mtu wangu…edeleeni kujenga dams za towels and carpets… Endeleeni kukopa na kutoza kwa lazma ushuru from impoverished peasants whose agri base you 've f-ucked up …edeleeni kupora : Sawa :meffi::meffi::meffi:

you will die ukiwa very disappointed

Yes I know that very well and thanks to akina Ken Matiba we still have a nation which almost grounded down in 2007…Peasants have very small memory

No revolution coming until the year 3090 when the last peasants will be in university

You will know when the nation runs dry and broke, and the Chinese debt collector comes knocking on your door with an axe or crowbar

When it happens, please get rid of state monopoly and huduma chieth. I will take some rest as I await the maizeroasters government

Wewe pia nakuonea 18…camp ya WSR who see Arap Loot-All just 7 miles away from the house on the hill, will always portray a very developed nation…where no one can die of hunger… dams filled with carpets and towels sijui za ku-irrigate bedrooms and bathrooms, where peasants are cowards, scared of tear gas… Blah blah blah :meffi::meffi::meffi:

kuwa spark ya hio revolution, do the necessary

Achana na huyu na moto zake za makaratasi.

Mimi ni middrocrass, sitoki kurusha mawe mpaka ile siku nitakosa stima na maji- Nairobi Citizens

There is a huge difference between CRIME and REVOLUTION. Even MRC and Saboat Land Defence forces were once declared revolutionary. Revolution is supported by the majority and goes for big fish like Governor while crime is for minority and goes for vulnerable like a Village Chief

You let your goats stray into someones farm, you provoke him in his home, you get killed, your relatives retaliate killing the chief and OCS. Sasa revolution itatokea wapi kwa hizi domestic squabbles? Those neighbour who do not respect private property are the cause for all this blood letting? Just because you could not tehter your goats you bring the whole village to a war?

Ndio maana hiyo kijiji wanafaa kufinywa makagare proper waseme nani alichapa OCS na shoka. People need to respect the law.

Wasee wa Kiambu ni next. Waititu ni JOKER mcoobwa sana

That was just the trigger, but we can’t deny the chief condoned lawlessness by his kin.

Is that the example they see from the government and judiciary… Was the law just made for a targeted section of people…THE PEASANTS? If it was thus then CS HRotich should be sacked like yesterday and hanged for crimes against humanity for his role on economic sabotage: Hakuna kitu unasema brother

You do realise the same law prescribes how criminal acts ought to be investigated and prosecuted. By brutalising villagers, me thinks that is lawlessness in its rawest form. No?

Pure blood kumbe hii account @Midget ni yako kazi ni kusumbua @Panyaste.