peasant problems-kplc tokens...

mimi nimenunua ten mins ago haijakuja , hii mechi ya Arsenal itakuwaje sasa

Hauna relative hata Kawagware unavisit ukitoka ugenya?

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huwa unatuma barua kwa kplc watakutumia message inakuja K9A2GYT8 You have received 20 tokens from Kenya power.Unaita chief akusaidie kuweka kwa nyumba


Bado itachezwa…

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Very humiliating, but it is up to the peasant to create a buffer, not use energy the way you use Bamba 20’s all day. Kwanza January you should have bought enough in December to last through the month of famine.

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Whn buying token use 501200 as paybill no. Its faster

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How does airtime top up work? Don’t display your ignorance here.

Mtu akiuliza swali anatusiwa.

Jakoyo is still waiting for Eng. Baba JaKuon to figure it all out, write a manual and call a Kamukunji.

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2017 sio mcheso Jakoyo. Vaa wetsuit na helmet.

If you have a telegram app use the KPLC bot to retrieve the token in case of a jammed network

is it the first time?

it’s the 1st time I was buying the tokens.

seems you need tamper code