peasant problems-kplc tokens...

shida ya hizi ngombe ni nini? I bought tokens 2hrs ago na bado they haven’t sent them! sasa tuko gizani, all their numbers are not going thru’. mbona wananiforce candlelight dinner?

can cs Matiangi be made head of kplc??


As @Some Say would say …

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Start saving and buy a power generator or solar panels…

Can’t relate. You should learn to avoid waiting till tokens run out before you buy more.


We cant relate… Tokens ni nini?

hapa naona ndio manual backup kama iebc inakujia.

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anamaanisha tokeni…

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:D:D:D:D… Ooooh

Birrionaires can’t relate they own power plants


Why wait till it hits 0.00

Mimi sigwes kubali kafike less than 10 units

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zikikatika usiku hua unatoa unaconnect direct na usiseme nilikwmbia


always buy your token when the red warning light shows…


Post on their FB page. Hao hurespond chapchap.

You don’t buy when they get to zero, asi! Wewe ni wale mnakimbia na kibuyu mkipatikana na jam na hauna fuel.


I bought at 18:14 Leo… It came at 20:20

So chill kuna delay

Their customer care on twirra responds very quickly

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Even if you call matiangi, if there is a delay you have to wait, candle-lit dinner pia ni fom

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there’s a blackout in parklands so the token generator is not working…

How do tokens work ?

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