peasant phone recommendations

budget is not more than 40k, best battery life and not very expensive and available screen replacement. I don’t do cases and screen protectors.

Nokia 7 plus

Tafuta @syndicate and thank me later ,no kuja inbox

One plus 5T, no regrets at all. Great software support, hardware and aesthetics.


Oppo na nisiulizwe maswali.

At 40k?

nokia 7 plus vile @mbeshar amesema best you can get at that price

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

am collecting old skul cant relate[ATTACH=full]169180[/ATTACH]

Galaxy c8 pro

Spot on!
But, if he could have been a little bit patient like I am, there are countless, very powerful beasts awaiting unleashing starting from may this year!
eg. The Xiaomi Mi Max 3.

lg v20

homo web dev kwani umeangukia sponsor?

siku hizi mkundu tamu

Huawei p20 Lite .

Check out this link, awesome mid-range and budget devices