Peasant passenger mistakes emergency exit for bathroom, deploys emergency slide

A female passenger aboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight caused panic yesterday when she accidentally mistook the emergency exit door for the toilet. This caused a seven hour delay to the flight. Pakistan Airlines flight PK-702 Manchester –Islamabad was preparing for take-off when a woman seated at the rear of the Boeing 777 got up from her seat to use the toilet. Thinking it was the door for the bathroom, the woman mistakenly opened the aircraft’s left rear door, automatically deploying the aircraft’s emergency chute.

This isn’t a peasant thing, there should be a crew at the exit points, and also if you’re seated on an emergency exit, the crew will have a word with you and brief you, if language or communication is a problem, they will ask you to change your seat.
I see a fail in procedure by the airline, in this case.

How did she miss the Emergency Exit sign ,also unless alingia Kwa ndege and seconds later decided to take a dump ,the cabin crew usually advise on where the exits and toilets within minutes of boarding.

Emergency chuti

Umeona the word peasant anywhere in that post :D:D

my point exactly.The aicraft was on the move preumably on the taxiway.Crew deployed and blamed it on the paki .the door clearly has a huge ass window.story doesnt add up

your paly on words is astonishing:D:D:D:D

Yaani kina bingwa hawahitaji bomb anaweza tu fungua hio mlango ovyo

:D:DAt least you caught it