Peasant cope


I think that Susan Mugabe chick is a dude. Look at the past tweets. Kazi yake ni kutroll single mothers and abusing women.

maze even by that reply alone, it’s too out of line for a woman to glee in having stank asss poon

they can be thots happily online, but this ain’t it. ni jamaa

What is radiopharmacetical bla bla…what wonders will she perform hatujawai ona

Low IQ bonobo, when brillliant people are doing there thing unafaa unyamaze na usimame kando. Huyo mama has accomplished something commendable na wewe the only thing you do ni kuuzia mashoga wenzako kunyi. Sheeeenzi sana!

Nani amekataa mimi ni low IQ Bonobo.Just asking was she alone in the class.
Na kwani alijifunza…PR mingi wawache.
Leo sikutusi…have your way

Someone give me her mobile number and location. I only like associating with high IQ women. Not lowlifes like @Violete