Pearly Penile Papules

Never try some of these things

YouTube says has this it’s “cure” yours truly decided to try it, they say that toothpaste is the perfect solution. I went for the most corrosive one. The blue whitedent…

First things first…have you been measured?

why did you need to remove them. are you among the 33.3 of uncircumcised men who have them?

No. They developed at age 12.


90% of sexualy active men have e’m… It’s not an STI… Though they can be surgically removed. No threat at all to one’s health.

have you read up on them? i see you avoided part of my question (although it’s not an issue by the way) and how old are you now if i may ask?

Now i am 23.

I’ve had them since before I was circumsised. Bitches love that shit. They say I have a naturally studded dick

why did you think they were a problem to a point of trying a home remedy?

I didn’t even know what they are. Nimegoogle saa hii, na nimeona niko nazo and I’m circumcised.

Sikujua there were even guys who considered them a cause for concern. I’m happy sikujipea hiyo stress.

Have them too. No need of panicking… Kwanza bj it’s heavenly… When she’s circling

Very gay thread.

:frowning: I wish I did not Google.

You are in the minority but I hear that they arent a problem. You might scar yourself trying to get rid of them. somehow they happen between 20 and 40 according to internet sources. turn it into a positive thing.
Tumia kugwaragwara clit.

I noticed them when i was at second year in campus, went directly to campus doctors and told him, ‘doctor i think i have herpes’. He looked at me and asked me whether if i had unprotected sex and i said no. He examined my genitals and told me i am ok, he fold the paper he was writing and threw in a dustbin. Majority of men do not have them, those who have them are the minority.

hehe… ulienda sana bana.

Wanted to now I reconsider

Are you sure it’s 90%? I think it’s much less.