Peaceful religion strikes again

Smells like a Putin FSB / KGB False Flag Operation
No one is fooled:rofl: :joy:

I always knew you were crazy

This has got nothing to do with religion.

Years after nordstream bombing within their territory they still “do not know” who destroyed it.

But a few hours after fellow putinists ( may they rest in peace) are killed westerners are all iver the place ati they know who did it ati sijui isis, sijui false flag…

Yukrane is going back to the stone age. Gaza will be afadhali. Guaranteed!

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Crazy kabisa. Apparently he thinks colonizers are the good guys. Oh well.


Haha, this guy is beyond reasoning. At first I thought he was someone to consider counter points to his views but he’s so besotted to his Masonic masters he cannot deviate from that programming. Anyway, to each their own.


He loves his echo chamber. He takes his own echos as voices of others and imagines makes it his comfort zone.


Smells like Mossad and CIA. Mbona hawa ISIS wameignore Israel. :joy:

After mzee Biden aliona blaming mzee Putin imegonga ukuta he decided to tell the world through fake news MSM that ni friends of Ukraine who blew up Nordstream. :joy:

President Joseph Biden is busy in his political campaign against the Trump MAGA GOP Lunatics , NATO , Ukraine and Israel issues …

He has no time for Putin’s internal problems…:blush:

Mzee Biden’s handlers have all the time in the world. :joy:

FSB has already captured the 4 guys enroute to mama yukrane and they started singing mapema mapema. Kukatwa sikio during preliminary questioning and we already know much about the operation.

We are going to know lots of things.

Brief representation of what we know so far.

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