Peaceful Demonstrations

Peaceful demonstrations are a myth.

If demonstrations are peaceful, they are also ineffective.

I lowkey support these demonstrations so that Jambazi doesn’t get too comfortable.

As always, peasants have to do all the groundwork. Good for them.

Leo wameshika Eric Omondi while on route to statehouse with a mkokoteni full of CVs, ready to be delivered to Jambas… very peaceful… D - Wamembeba mbio to cendro.

Peaceful demonstrations can happen and be very effective.
Actually, many people, including women and the elderly, can take part in peaceful demonstration and make a strong statement by their numbers.

To prevent this, the police disrupt demonstrations with teargas and other violent means to avoid the big crowds. That is why only the few young men and women ready to run around with the police turn up for demonstrations in Kenya.

Lasma mawe irushwe…tear gas…ina expire kwa amory…guns zina pata rust for non service…

hata israel ni violent protests

Anaenda kufanya Nini restricted area without proper invitations. Na bado mtu anasema peaceful…if anything were to happen to the presidency Kenya will sink in deeper turmoil, finding a replacement is never easy.

You missed the point, I dont blame you. But the message Eric was sending has hit its target… even Jambasi behind layers of security has heard it loud and clear.

I hope you’ll not come back in a few days to tell Kenyans to ‘stop the madness’.
Maandamano cheerleaders are becoming the first to change their mind since things started going south.

Peaceful demonstrations can never happen where Raila is involved. Period.

The last time police were absent in the ‘peaceful maandamano’, Muhindi Mweusi lost his supermarket.
Once bitten, twice shy.

How is Dennis Pritt Road a restricted area?

Intention was there, handling it kabla afike. Angepeleka hio makaratasi bunge.

Charged with intention? What part of law is this?

Wewe hukuskia statehouse is out of bound among other protected areas? Preemptive arrest, go assist him as a citizen of good will.