Peace Caravan shieznet

I think all involved stakeholders should focus on delivering a free and fair general election. Instead of bombarding my screen with peace messages crap and stupid lullabies by people like Eric Wainaina and crew. Instead of wasting resources on spreading that crap, spend those resources on civic education. Teach people on how to, what to, where to, when to do what they should do when participating in the process.

I am fully aware of the importance of peace, the effects of instability on the economy, security, and family. I was in the thick and thin of the 2007 chaos, as a victim. We had to be forced to sleep outside, guarding our neighborhoods with our neighbors and friends who came from across the political divide. It didn’t matter your tribe then. What mattered was that neither Jeshi La Mzee or Mungiki got the opportunity to mess any of our families. We sailed through. What caused the chaos? MASSIVE RIGGING. Everyone knows.

Which is why I repeat, the Law should be adhered to strictly. Free and Fair elections. Whoever wins fairly will carry the day. This shiet of war/fear mongering followed by rigging is what destabilized our country in 2007.

And How the hell does anyone born in 1994 have an Id Number 12345678 ?
This is the kind of stuff we need clarifications with.

No one deserves violence. Everyone deserves freedom and justice. Condoning or not tackling matters that may lead to chaos is in itself promoting chaos directly.

In summary unataka kiumane?

Get a dictionary and read again, you won’t ask for a summary.

Wale wanajiona wanajiweza vita sana, let them bring it on.

Wameanza kutoroka,babuon ameanza kuplead nao wasitoroke,lakini vita sio poa

I was in the epicentre in 2007/08 and after it ended ndio nikaona ujinga ya mwananchi. Ati nipiganie mwanasiasa? Lakini wewe na hio ubongo yako uji uji jaribu guza mali yangu juu ya mwanasiasa ndio utajua haujui

hiyo ID number! Wah, hii IEBC itatuonesha mambo kweli.

In three years nitakuwa 4th floor na ID yangu inaanza na 21…
Huyu ni age mate ya @uwesmake na yake inaanza na 12…?
Then, how does someone tag OP?

But you are not supposed to say it.

ID number Lazy propagandaist. The guy couldnt even edit figures to make it look like a real ID?

Why don’t you go to the iebc verification portal and try it out yourself? Yani a level headed sounding chap like you is swapping his brain for PSYCHOphancy…shame.
These are the glaring irregularities spread across this voter’s register. And IEBC gives Kenyans the finger when they ask for answers.

Hehe, yet you disqualify the pic going round about who owns Debate Kenya without hindsight? OK sawa. Just yesterday we were shown how easy it is to edit such stuff. Knock yourself out na hii umeffi buddy

Imagine the number of such fake voters distributed across the country. Even the 19m registered voters is a fallacy. This is where they draw their arrogance from. There should be a thorough audit even after the elections. This thuggery should be nipped at the bud.

Click on this link and type in 12345678. Are you seriously this dumb bruh?
See it for yourself. Mbona uambiwe.

That pic isn’t verifiable. The register is on the public domain and you have internet. Do your civic duty and clear out your ignorance.

It’s true if you run the ID number

Enyewe, whoever did this was not creative, date of birth 01/01/94


Propagandist ? Go to the IEBC site and type the number in there, see if it’s propaganda

Blame it on a rogue and corrupt IEBC Secretariat… especially wasee wa ICT