PaySlip of a KCB employee (Clerk)

This is what they earn.



Basic salary cannnot be 00 unless ni agent ako on commission basis


A sales person salary is prorated against the average productivity achieved and can very much fall under 32k. I have been paid even 7k.

Hahaha hii ni kulambishwa lolo.

And towards what end did they have to waste donkey years in schools?
They would be much better off in the streets hawking stuff.

Kcb is a shitty contractual employer… Extremely shitty and the way they have sijui five interviews before up ewe io contract

Hawa ni watu wa sales…all over they paid on commission si KCB peke yake.

Kenyan modern day slavery, I always tell guys, you’re better off slaving in Arabia or some other country, rather than slaving in Kenya.
You can make more money, some level of respect in good companies, no tax and overtime is paid duly.
It’s lonely and you’ll never feel at home.

That entry there ya “commission” ni bidii ya mtu…

it can if you are hired as a commission agent wale wa ku-pitch hema on the streets na ku-persuade watu kufungua account. ndiyo wanalipwa retainer.

It is not slavery but just exploitation you have a choice to always leave and seek better employment elsewhere or be self employed

kuna company inatwa achievo, hao unyanyasa wasee, you work from 7.30 to 8:30 pm , within that period no using your phone. off ni after two weeks.
salo 15k tu … waah

Hata supermarkets mingi hii Nairobi mshahara ni 12 to 15

otherwise munaendeleaje wadau

The other day I discovered my local pays its barmaids 7k!

Many barmaid would not leave that job for any office job.
I knew one getting paid 8k, but used to go home with about 50k on top in tips.

Vipi @kush yule mnono ?