PayPal Address Verification

What document can someone use to verify his/her address?

I have tried using KRA tax compliance statement but they have declined it. My cooperative bank statement doesn’t show consumer address. What’s could be the other option? Saidia villager.

Tafta postpaid KPLC invoice/receipt uedit to include the street name and address. You could have also edited the bank acc to include the street address.

How do you edit a bank account statement? Juu nikiwa bank niliwauliza wakasema hawawezi eka address.

There are experts who have done it over and over. Naweza kupatia number za mse anaesa kusaidia pale inbox

Nilitumia zuku internet e-bill, zaa zingine husend bill.

Paypal can squeeze your makende any time

Hawa ni meffi kabisa. They no longer care about the small biz person. Its just a place for the big boys. A single complaint can get your account suspended.
My case, I advised a client to open a PayPal account to ease our transactions. He used his cpanel email address, which he also splashes around FB looking for biz. Bahati mbaya the dude account was hacked and as soon he received payment kitu kaa $2300, account ikasafishwa. He started blaming me for introducing him to PayPal…
So from around that time account yangu inasumbua yet there are no complaints or issues to resolve

Wazi nisukumie

Kuna time nilikuwa nimetext PayPal hapo FB. Kuna ninja ikacomment hapo niipee email insaidie …nikaona hapa ni tricky

Enda Facebook tafuta jamaa anaitwa Samunjo utakuwa sorted.

Hana jina la piko?

Is it still possible to link PayPal to an Equity bank account?

Ni moja tu I had forgotten an ‘n’ check the name.



nimekua wapi
hii kazi naeza kufanyia in less than 5 minutes
you just edit those documents to have same detils as the details in paypal
document that will have your account approved so fast is the equity bank statement
leta kazi 500 tu

yes si ni equity tu bank inaweza ama kuna ingine?
but why do you wwant link it to equity when mpesa offer good rates and transfer happens in 2 hrs

My account is limited so I can’t withdraw from Mpesa.

Si ukam hivi inbox tubonge…

Thanks for this thread @Slippery was also struggling with the same, twice I tried to log in na nilikuwa nimesahau password, I finally got it but now my account is limited.