Paying for a date

Double standards? …One of the thoughts, “If you go on a date and the guy pays then you should give him sex every time he wants”

That’s checken life !

Very true.Double standards and one sided relationships are not healthy.

You’ll notice that all ktalk women disappear at this point.

These Nairobi ratchets should see this.

Niulize kwanza kama nitakupea vitu before unipeleke date…otherwise niko right ya kukataa na mali yangu!!:rolleyes:

Si mlipewa ribs

Pay for the date and the cab.
But dont give her cash at all!!

kwanini hufeel uko na ryt ya kukataa pesa za mwenyewe date?

I agree with what the guy in the video is saying. Unless the man is your husband, pay up your share…don’t make it look like it’s his (boyfriend) duty to pay for your dates every single day.

How can you expect a lady to pay forr a date? Peasants mutatuonesha maneno