guys is it advisable to pay a whole year’s rent say ukipatiwa your bonus so that you can concentrate on other things like school fee,investing and so on coz trust me there are chances that you can squander a six months rent on pombe na yellow yellow!!

That means you don’t have self discipline

one year might be too much, what if some unforeseen circumstances crop up and you have to move out, then you start battling with the landlord for your refund which might never come. most you should ever pre-pay is 3 months, or whatever amount wont be painful to loose (this is from experience)

I always have discipline until it fikas a point where pombe,friends,family come in with all the peer pressure.I’d rather tread carefully by paying the whole amount mapema than kujaribu Yesu na sigara.


I think there’s an accounting principle that bills should be paid on the last possible date. Sasa wewe ukilipa in advance you will have violated that principle.

@MAD GUY U GUY alternatively, set up an account that is not always available(no ATM cards etc). Negotiate terms with the bank, have them do regular deposits at the right times to your landlord. It is just an idea in my head, people in ujunguni use it, I don’t know if local banks have such systems. Your money is always more safer with you and can only be spent when need be.

Yes like those guys who stole money from G4S van.

I dont think this principle holds at all time,why do you think it necessary that for commercial spaces one is required to pay a whole years rent? This is so that the tenant coan concentrate on making money so that even if shit comes,they still have a roof from where they can hustle and hope things will be better.Same way with my situation,job inaeza katika hapo April 2017(God forbid) I will be buffered perfectly as I look for other means of income if I had paid a whole years rent.My family wont struggle that much since what I had saved for the rainy days ndio tutakula

Apana tambua peasant advice,mimi nalipia quail rent ya miaka mbili na sisumbui :smiley:

The thing is, paying a bill that is not due ties your money. For the commercial rent of 1 yrs advance payment, that is the requirement. it would be unwise to pay 2 yrs in advance.

I appreciate your worry, that you need some sort of assurance that it will be well in the worst case. First, you are not going to lose your job. Kama ni contract inaisha, you should actively look for an alternative job before then.

Am thinking that in the worst case (you lose income), then you would be better off having the cash which you can use to generate some income to meet your immediate needs (rent, food, etc). If you have already committed that money by paying rent, and then you lose your income, you are at the mercy of nature. After that one yr, the landlord will evict you into the cold outside. And you will not have money to generate money to pay bills.

Real mbirioneyas dont pay rent. they collect rent[SIZE=1] (like me). Na Sisumbui.[/SIZE]

its a good idea go ahead you wont need to worry about rent again

I never said i pay my own rent,i pay my quails rent :cool:

Lipa ya 3 months. You never know what may happen

Real birrionaires don’t even collect, the agency is charged with that responsibility. They are advised by the accountant at that monthly meetings when reconciling the books. [SIZE=2]Nahatusumbui.[/SIZE] :D;)

Real birrioneas don’t even have the agency collect their rent for them, the rent collects the birrioneas na mnasumbua btw

There’s something called the time value of money and you’ll be the loser if you make a prepayment for a whole year, in addition to unforseen circumstances as stated by @jimmy_m.
Why don’t you invest the money somewhere or worst case scenario, put the money in a fixed deposit account?

Cheza chini boss. Wewe bado ni mwanafunzi. You’re talking to real birrionaires hapa. :D:D

Btw if you pay rent in advance then kue na revision ya rents would you be told to adisia the added rent ama?