Pay your bill and bounce. DJ CK kaacha Kunguru matatani



he thought his money would do all the convincing for him…

Business lesson for socialite startups

This story doesnt add up. If this is a hotel, wasn’t it in Kirubis name. They would let him walk away without paying?

It meets the basics of a hekaya minus effidense and common sense. Leave it at that please.

Such things happen all the time my friend na mwenzako @nyundo wa komeo. Na asipolipa anapelekwa kortini kama ile kunguru inaitwa Pendo. Alipelekwa hoteli na mzungu. Mzungu akakula vitu na wakarun up bill. The guy disappeared without paying a cent. cc @TrumanCapote

Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo charged after failure to pay Sh208,000 hotel bill

You justify a legless hekaya with another legless hekaya, how clever?

maybe Kirubi paid some bills…
but she was sleeping in a separate room, labda kirubi alisema kila mtu aandikiwe bill yake for items charged to the room, this happens in big hotels.

Kuna siku tulipelekwa coast many yrs ago na kampuni, they had paid for food and rooms huko Serena.

for several days we went to eat dinner/breakfast/lunch and were served as the company had specified,

then some guys started ordering extra stuff, saa hiyo hawaitishwi pesa, wanaulizwa tu room number…

the day of checking out it was dramatic, unaambiwa uko na 10k bill to clear personally

You calling it legless doesn’t make it legless. Just makes you sound stupid.
Actress Pendo in hot soup over Ksh.208K unpaid bill at a Mombasa hotel

DJ CK hapendi ujinga , hio ni stunt tume pull huku nje. dem akikataa kutoa kuma unamuhamisha saa tisa ya usiku

Besides, the stupid women deserved what they got.

She was invited for a weekend trip, and tagged along with a friend, then was not ready to deliver goods for two consecutive nights
While eating and drinking then sleeping in all-expense paid rooms… She thinks he invited he so he can watch her eat and drink? :smiley:


Hehehe…critical thinking is a minus for you. She was invited alone. She came with a friend. Huyu friend alilala wapi? A second room in her name. The woman also went to sleep in the same room with her friend. Alternatively each had their own room.

Now because you don’t understand how hotels work bills for each person are charged to the room. If CK at the point of leaving indicated they would cater for their own expenses charged to their rooms the valet would see him out.

Lastly as a hotel that probably receives CK for plenty of visits would you want to jeopardize a working relationship by asking him to pay for a bill he has indicated isn’t his?

Hii bidii ukonayo trying to justify that CK did so, ungeitumia kwa vitu za maana ungekuwa kama CK, chieth!

Perfect! Wanawake waache ujinga.

Those 2 chicks were prolly sleeping together. A woman wont tag along another woman on their first date with a man like Kirubi. When women are interested in a jamaa they are territorial. Why bring the competition?? They would bag the jamaa first then think of bringing others.

A girl is invited by Chris Kirubi then again her friend starts booking hotels with the same caliber hotel as Kirubi? Your critical thinking skills needs to be checked.

Kuna siku tulienda job north coast for a week. Some ninja would import a malaya from mtwapa daily who would partake to the breakfast in the morning before leaving. Shida ni kwamba hakuwa anaona receptionist za macho. Siku ya check out burukenge karibu Icollapse kwa reception. Alipigwa bill ya bed and breakfast for his malaya for the days he participated in illicit coitus. Na saa hio amekojolea per diem take yote.

:D:D:D… ni kama hoteli ilimuuzia malaya

Hehe nilidhani per person sharing hua offers pekee. Kama ameshalipia room ningekua yeye ningelipa breakfast supplement pekee. At least that’s how it’s done in most hotels ESPECIALLY coast hotels. I mean, ukiambia muzungu he can’t bring a woman over at night na amekuja sex tourism, you’ll lose a lot of business. Kwanza najua Voyager they don’t even bother. They give out some bangle to wear on the wrist, unapatia msichana avae (if she’s jittery) na wewe unakaa bila. The workers don’t really care, sio hoteli yao.