Paxful wallet

I’m sure wengi wenu mko familiar na as one of the best (if not the best) market places for trading bitcoin.
Since localbitcoin mi jina kubwa many would choose it over other trading sites., But kuna moja nimepatana nayo (and I thought I shld let you guys know) since it has some advantages over localbitcoin,one of the advantages being its fees.Hio ni
Everytime i see bitcoins i multiply the amount of bitcoins to 1 million Kes the same i multiply a dollar by sh 100 no matter how low or high the value is. Pale localbtc there is some thing many guys dont know.Kunakuanga na incomming fees.If someone sends you btc from another wallet youll be deducted some btc. Sai ni 0.00015btc (roughly sh150) Pale paxful there is no incomming fees instead you get a notification that kuna bitcoins heading your way immediately they are sent. Even if it takes minutes or hours for it to arrive you are sure huyo msee hajakucheza since you got a notification in your wallet immediately they were sent.
Hii ni article inaeza kuokela

Paxful ni upus…you can do big trades on localbitcoin…that has higher profit…especially on PayPal>btc trades… But on paxful there are no trades… paxful is useful on selling gift cards