pax britanica...ruck...lari massacre...waruhiu & mau mau all in one play

Watu wa historia this a must read.
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Excerpt from the book

One day the askaris brought in a group of “black” detainees which included Chief Peterson and his headman, Gathumbi. You see the Chief and his headman had actually sided with Mau Mau, and from what we could tell they had been discovered by the authorities and they were now in the camps with the rest of us. When they were brought to Compound 6, that was where I saw the worst kind of sadistic punishment being meted out to detainees. Something happened in that compound that I had never seen before, and which I shall forever remember. When the whole group of detainees was herded inside, they were told to remove all their clothes and leave them in the corner of the compound…. Then the askaris set on them, beating them indiscriminately with clubs and mattock handles, chasing them around the compound. Those people were beaten and chased so badly, we kept saying to each other that they would only survive through a miracle. Then Peterson, who was a fat man because he had formerly been a chief, became so dark in his complexion we thought he was going to die. But then, the askaris brought in fire buckets full of water, and the detainees were called one by one, Peterson first. The askaris then put his head in the bucket of water and lifted his legs high in the air so he was upside down. That’s when Wagithundia, who was the painfully ugly guard from Tanganyika, started cramming sand in Peterson’s anus and stuffed it in with a stick. Then the other askaris would put water in, and then more sand, and Wagithundia kept cramming it in with a stick. They kept doing this back and forth, alternating between the sand and the water, occasionally lifting Peterson so he could breath. Mapiga, the Mzungu officer in charge of the camp, was standing there the whole time, ordering them to keep shoving the sand and water and stick in his anus. Eventually, they finished with Peterson and carried him off, only to start on the next detainee in the compound




asande mwami. ukipata ya miguna oranges… nitashukuru sana

Peeling back the mask by MigunaX2

Watch Elkins on YouTube giving the details. Chilling.

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Read the book when it came out. There was also another doc sometime back called “Kenya: White Terror”. We must never forget.

They (colonists) left broken people in their wake. We had damaged people as the leadsrs in Kenya when they left. We’ve never fully recovered. Look at other colonies. Same case. Similar stories to ours.