Pause, Pic, Post

Someone started a thread like this one before. Wherever you are, pause and pic.

Car wash. Just finished.


Hii gari irudi kwa kampuni by 5PM. Last warning.

Fucking bored . Going home to get lit. [ATTACH=full]159096[/ATTACH]

Prado Landcruiser TX old model 1997-2002. I am almost certain. Anyway, hufai kusema uko bored ukiwa na pesa, those two can never be used in one sentence.

quanstrom weka ile Belta unafanyianga uber

Sema tu unataka mmeze io Red Label na yeye alaf baadae akumwagie oil hadi kwa mkia lightskin

Huyu Quanstrom ni nani? Msalimie ukimwona

Ulimaliza shule yutman?

hehe.Hio ni yake.
@1776 is it this one that almost killed you at mombasa road?

Nimetulia tu kwa offisi for now…then niende nutume print job fulani ya western…
I have had this pen for 5 years now.

Same same one. Sijui if it almost killed me or helped me survive. Glass half empty half full things :slight_smile:


Came home to this wadau sometimes kuchill home friday si mbaya

Inategemea uko home kwa nani?

Aren’t you a bit too old for this kind of shiet?

nice :slight_smile:

which shiet exactly, oh master of age-appropriate activities?

Dick measuring/peeing contests.

your perspective is unfortunate. i hope you asked the first person who opened such a thread the same thing.

I comment on what I perceive and yours is what I judge to be a peeing contest.

Undisclosed leafy suburbs [ATTACH=full]159132[/ATTACH]