Pauline Njoroge released - wamesema yeye safi kama pamba

She should sue the state for labeling her a drug dealer.

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Hawes dhubutu, waiting for her to tweet

Only an incompetent government muzzles it’s critics


The target was her informer at statehouse, and a few intimate photos.

There will always be informers at state house and harambee house…you cant eliminate all of them…itabidi Ruto azoee


Si mlikuwa mmesema ameshikwa na narcotics?

Na hiyo story ya Ndii ati kulikwa na heavy drug use statehouse? Ilikuwa hekaya?

Pauline anakaa…but wacha tu[Picha](

OCS asha kula mkia

Real men don’t beat women. But it seems no one told them.

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This was just pure harassment meant to intimidate her. It was obvious to any keen observer that this case was rubbish, right from the inconsistency of the charges against the prevailing political climate, the timing, the type of so called witnesses, and the weight of evidence required to obtain a conviction. You don’t even need to know the character of the accused person, just look at the facts presented. If it’s a charge that requires concrete proof (a drug charge is damn serious) and there is none, the accused will walk. Yes, she should sue for wrongful arrest, and for ruining her public image, ndio watu wamee akili.