Paul Mackenzie:The evil nature of the black man

Looking at Mackenzie today in the dock, I could just feel the evil in that man’s eyes. It’s a look that is common in men who see other people as objects and not human beings like them.

I knew that the man had no soul when I heard that his first two wives died because of not seeking medical attention. Just the look in his eyes and you know how true it is that the eyes are windows to the soul.

The preaching of this man has such a cruel bent to it. Why is it that when Jesus met sinful people like that Samaritan woman He spoke to her like a real human being instead of telling her that she was the great whore of Babylon.

Any preacher with a cruel and condemning attitude is from Satan. I can tell you that for free because I want you to show me Jesus telling a sinner including the thieves on the cross that they deserved to suffer because of what they had done.

In Acts Jesus says succinctly, I have not come to judge the world but to save it. So if Jesus in His complete and perfect holiness isn’t demanding that people suffer to meet Him or even suffer for their sins who is a mere man calling himself a pastor?

Women, this silly subservience you have towards these men that a man can tell you to starve your own children and you do it. That a man can tell you that your life isn’t worth a damn thing and you listen to him is completely insane.

Let me tell you what Satan looks like, he looks a lot of men. Black men to be precise. Let me tell you what Satan doesn’t look like, he doesn’t look like forgiveness, he doesn’t look like grace, he does not look like telling you how much your life is worth in the eyes of God, regardless of what you have ever done. He does not look like anything but cruelty.

Any time you see a cruel streak in a man, a man who enjoys and relishes the suffering of women, the degradation of women, the death of children through starvation and or about.ion. They want to cause emotional suffering. Can you imagine the kind of pain in losing 7,9,11,14 members of your family?

Can you imagine how low your self esteem must be, Satan is all about destroying your self esteem, all about condemning you and accusing you. If you watch Mackenzie’s sermons. It’s nothing but condemnation and accusation. Not an iota of the comparison of Christ.

I’m talking to women because we give these men too much power over us. Yes I know it was a curse that men will opress women but Jesus bore the affliction and oppression on your behalf.

Any time ANY man and especially a man calling himself a servant of God shows you anything less than the grace of God and tries to make you feel like you are nothing. You are nothing if you have a tatoo, or nose ring, you are evil and irredeemable if you braid your hair and wear makeup. I don’t care if you have been on Koinange street for 50 years, no man gets to tell you your worth, for the very simple reason that if they did not create you then how can they know your worth?

This demonic trend where you sit down in a house, online, in a church, in a relationship and a man chips away at your self worth until you are willing to starve your children, to quit your job, your education, anything that gives you fulfillment and purpose and transcendence. Must come to an end.

When you see these agents of Satan who want to show you how you must earn God’s approval or their approval or societal approval by sacrificing yourself or your children. Look 'em dead in the eye and say, GET BEHIND ME SATAN.

Men are supposed to protect women and children. Any man who does the contrary is an agent of Satan. When I look at the group of men who were guarding women and children so they can’t escape or eat, waiting for them to die so that they could bury them my blood boils. What kind of men are these?

If you think that women are evil bcz of Eve. Look at Mr. Mackenzie and tell me there’s anything more Satanic than this. Using women and children to massage or inflate your ego. To feel powerful and to get riches. Wanaume ni watu wengine bloody ferking sana. Yaani one man can just sit down and look at women and children as meat, for his consumption. After he’s used them to get money, he throws away their bodies like mizoga. Carcasses.

Women, enough is enough. Any man coming to tell you what will make you worthy to him, society or God, see Mackenzie’s face, see those God forsaken eyes. Hata usimjibu. Mtoke. And avoid that person like your life depends on it. Flee from that monster because you are no longer dealing with a human being. A human being has compassion. They can put themselves in your shoes.

Mackenzie can kill women and children and dump them in shallow graves but he’s protecting his wife from the glares of the camera by putting up his jacket. Isn’t that how the nazis would kill women and children all day long then go home and play with their children and make love tenderly to their wives.

A human being who is capable of this type of duplicity is the face of Satan. If you do not want your wife being harassed by the press why would you want someone’s daughter, wife, mother to go through hell at your hands?

The people who empower these evil men are us women. We are to blame. We give these animals airtime to brainwash us, use us, abuse us until eventually they kill us, they kill our children. If the kind of evil men perpetrate is to come to an end it is on us because without us they are nothing. We give birth to them, raise them, give them a posterity but we still don’t understand how much power we give these people to destroy our lives.

Lemme stop there because the way I feel about Mackenzie, I just wish a man could step to me to tell me some bullshit right now. I will beach slap that demon out of them so fast. Women we have to stop entertaining nonsense from these men. It’s enough. Yaani Mackenzie amenifikisha mwisho wa reli. When I imagine a bunch of strong men burying women and children who are bones coz of starvation I just want to kill somebody right now. Ngoma ici. Imeniuma sana. End of rant.

Careful now, Truwoman. Don’t burst a vein over Beberu wa Kilifi. They’ll put him away for long, but you must live and deal with your anger. No one chose him to represent the spirit of black men, so we aren’t Satan’s image. Kila mtu ataubeba mzigo wake.

Umesahau Jim Jones, David kuresh, missionaries, Christian slavers… Being a dick to your fellow man cuts across all races… Nugu

[SIZE=7]good natured holy mzungu heaven’s gate holy church[/SIZE]

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CW-HEAVENS-GATE-COMP-copy-2.jpgimages (3).jpegimages (2).jpeg

[SIZE=7]good natured holy mzungu ‘pastor’ jim jones[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=7]look at the holy nature of this man below…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][SIZE=7]this good,holy white man[/SIZE] brutally Raped and beheaded his 15 year old daughter.[/SIZE]


white supremacist named Joshua Lee Burgess. 2019,

Kwanzaa in Kenya he’s Satan from the President conning Kenyans with religion and then the stupid police men who were busy taking bribes from him to the stupid CAK who do not monitor these tv stations content.

A taxi driver takes books written by a white psycho William Branham then he uses it to fleece Kenyans of their money in the name of the Lord.

And I am telling you that most everyone who took the bait are women. Women. Women. Women. When will we see through the Satanic nature of men? In our case the black man. I used to watch this guy’s channel but soon as he started with the education and Healthcare satanic ideology I never watched him again because I know Satan when I see him.

I will not sugar coat this thing or blame Mackenzie. I am blaming the entire system from the President to the police to the individuals who joined this madness and sacrificed innocent children. You say kila mtu ataubeba mzigo wake until 14 of your family members are dead majority children over some shit that was enabled by systems presided over by black men. I am not recanting bcz this is why we have found ourselves here. And I am also telling women that we are very stupid and it’s time we take back our power from Satan and all his agents around us who are misusing and abusing us to the point of death.

The black man must also shed and fight his Satanic propensities from selling his own to the Arabs, to destroying entire families like Mackenzie to police to IEBC, the whole black continent has embraced Satan. Stealing, killing and destroying. We can not improve until we admit to ourselves that we are having a problem. There’s nothing like kila mtu ataubeba msalaba. In the news it’s Kenya its not Mackenzie and for good reason. Mackenzie has never lifted a finger to kill a fly. He used the government headed by black men. He used other men to kill and Bury children. Please the time for the black man to own responsibility for all of the Satanic deeds he has done is now. It’s also time for women to stop being stupid and easy prey to men who claim to be their superior. If you are selling your property to give a man who is superior? Is it the man? Nope. The man who is taking care of you is the only one who can be called superior not these no good demons taking advantage of your weakness to exploit you and abuse you.

I will bring a different thread on how stupid women xlfare

@Lionheart i kinembe sithani utawai pewa…umejaribu kufwata i maraya mzee sana kutoka u join kijiji na bado una wank tu na izi compositions zake za ushonde…omba kuma Kama mwanaume…shenzi

Let’s agree there are evil men of all races, that’s a no brainer. Let’s also agree that we must take responsibility for the sins, crimes and follies of the black man, specifically–it’s a moral duty.
But what does it all mean? There is nothing like collective guilt for the crimes of five, ten twenty or even 100 men. Taking responsibility cannot mean that we should all shoulder a debt of self condemnation because some black men have been conmen, fools, murderers, thieves or rapists, just because of sharing skin colour. Reasoning that way only creates racial stereotypes and strengthens discriminatory tendencies. That’s why I have trouble with the notion of original sin. What I stand for is if you do something evil or criminal, you must personally bear the weight of punishment for it, even if it means having to hang for a felony, but I cannot take upon myself the guilt of thinking that another person’s behaviour somehow relates to me. You’ve got to understand how the world works, and choose what values you stand for. You cannot be condemned for something you openly take exception to. That is what I call taking responsibility.
If the authorities near the Mckenzie man had taken steps to expel him for preaching nonsense and exploiting those who expected the world to end soon (as those ones at Marafa did), we wouldn’t be discussing your rage at the death of those hapless people.

@Lionheart huwinda wanyanya wazee wa goodhope wenye vinembe zimekauka kama omena.Very hopeless fellow.

@Lionheart what we have is a collective problem. Accept that. What we do affects others in a big way. We are our brothers keepers. Mackenzie thrived bcz of the individualistic Bs that has destroyed our race and continent. China and the West are great bcz they understand collective responsibility. I don’t want to go back and forth with you bcz I am very very very annoyed with what is happening in this country. Very annoyed. So annoyed am I that I am asking myself if I am a religious sycophant and if I just trust people who claim to be religious leaders on reflex bcz this sycophancy and lawlessness is an African thing. I totally subscribe to the original sin bcz it helps me understand that I am dealing with some things that are beyond me, which preceded me and I need God to help me live an upright life

mama ya @PHARMACY huuza kuma @PHARMACY alizaliwa via a botched abortionn 49 bob mlolongo