Paul Kobia has balls. He directly blames Uhuru for Sonko's arrest

The man has guts , speaks sense and is even humorous as he directly blames Uhuru for Sonko’s arrest. But he has to watch his whisky. His red lips, stuffed nose, sing song voice and frequent throat clearing are all tell tale signs of acid reflux associated with high alcohol consumption.

paul ilunga ngoei fake gold expert

Do not confuse lunacy with courage.

Ilinga Ngoei believes He made Uhuru President.

Izo ni games mnachezewa.kobia hulewa na Uhuru na sonko

I have not seen a single wealthy man or woman saying publicly that Sonko was rightfully arrested. On the contrary I have seen some of them being sympathetic and chastising the police for the arrest e.g. Mutahi Ngunyi, Raila Odinga Jr etc
I have seen hundreds of Kenyan strugglers like myself on Twitter saying how it is so wrong to arrest a mkubwa in that manner.
Ladies and gentlemen there is a class war in Kenya. We the strugglers cannot afford to shield thieves when they get in trouble. I have said here that they are ALL thieves, every single one of them is a thief. So when one gets arrested we shouldn’t try to shield him saying that others are stealing more than he stole.
Have you ever seen these wealthy men protesting how rudely government workers treat ordinary Kenyans? Never!

For once umesema kitu ya maana

Ati angeshikwa na scene ya F16, chopper atleast tatu na matanks tano

I drop gems every single day. It’s just that most people aren’t trained jewelers

The negro wear coats that are two sizes bigger and speaks as if he is about to do a poo.

Nah ! ! ! I totally disagree.

It’s not up for debate. I don’t bother commenting if I don’t believe it’s gems

Whereas I agree with your assertion that Sonko is a thief, a criminal who should be arrested and charged, do you think he was arrested because he was a thief and a criminal? And that they will swiftly arrest Kieleweke thieves too? Do you know that Sonko does not have class unless the class of criminal conmen and drug dealers exist… Again, it is reported that due to his criminal past, he could not get the certificate of good conduct and it took Kamwana to force DCI Ndegwa Muhoro to approve meaning that he was a documented criminal… why was he not arrested then? Why hasn’t Murathe been arrested, UK’s sister, Waikulu, etc? I posit here that the DPP, DCI and EACC guys were recruited for political strategic activities and that is what happens, nothing close to sweeping the criminal networks in any way!

Kobia is part of the huge criminal network of fraudsters/ conmen, drug dealers, and worse that Sonko is also a member… So the former is doing what would be expected of him… we also know who 001, Kabogira, Mwaa, Kutiny, Wambuu wa Wai, etc are and will not get arrested soon…


How much fake gold did he sell. He has a magnificent house off Riverside Drive.

sonko’s arrest is just a facade of bigger coverups it too shall pass

My prediction is that the tables will turn and we can easily find Ruto supporting RAO and others following suit, especially when the former is pushed to a tight corner… and RAO will easily win…

Let them get arrested shamefully kwani wao ni nani…maybe watatulia…i liked how he was handled actually…hata walikuwa soft