Paul Gicheru, Ruto & The ICC


Katambe the lawyer seems to be cooperating with ICC for asylum says his life and his family are being threatened.



Fuck The ICC, They can at least arrest Nikolasz Sarkoszy for bombing Libya to Smithereens to show us how fair they can be.

So DP Ruto should not answer for his crimes?

First this looks fake.

Secondly the script is going as I predicted in 2018.

Anyone who can retrieve the past post to do it.

I remember I said this in precedence for Ruto to be dealt with it will include first

  1. A way of breaking Jubilee.
  2. No better way of breaking a party than going to an elections. ( as it will mean there are supporters or non supporters in that election, thus we cannot be in the same party and not agreeing) that’s why you see now RUTO wing is asking for NON-CONTESTED referendum
  3. If number 1 & 2 fail. Resurrection of ICC cases. It’s happening.
  4. If number 1&2&3 fail then grim reaper is the ultimate option.

Everything as fallen into place. It’s incredible Ruto’s men do not see the plan. Even a person with limited intellectual capacity can see what is being planned.

Ruto remedies as of now.

1.Support BBI.
2.If he is fixed in ICC let him also find a way of fixing anyone else. Don’t go down alone.
3.Start talking about some people wanting to kill you. At least they will look for a perfect elimination strategy.

As a BTW Norman Magaya was poisoned. Give it time it will be known. A route they might take with ruto probably, maybe.

Lets have justice in a chronological order and not haphazardly due to whipped emotions.

Using ICC to stop Ruto is like standing on a rail to stop a train in motion.

Some people are really underestimating what the son of Sugoi is capable of, especially when pushed to the wall.

Uhuru should also watch out, and pray very hard.

Elaborate tafasari. Why? Who?

I think you guys also overestimate him.

Sit back and watch how things will unfold in this era of your lifetime .

You keep telling us this, Ruto is not superman.

The sympathy votes disappearing…,

My take:

  1. The ICC knows Kenya is a hard country to deal with, as everything changes when interests do, and regularly do they. You see, Kenya is not like those failed states that ICC deals with often, this country is more sophisticated and has craftier people than you have ever thought.

  2. With the new challenge, Ruto will now tell the hustlers that one of them has been targeted once again, this time by a unity of the dynasties fronting the ICC option. He is a very courageous man, and when he trains his guns on something, he goes for it. This challenge may just give him the new energy to complete the journey.

  3. Uhuru and Baba will not want to push this too much because it can backfire against them.

You just say something “looks fake” then you base your reasoning off that assumption? Surely, every village never lacks a lunatic.

Sounds like something people in Aim Global or Crowd1 would say.

And you get to decide what’s “chronological” and what’s emotional?

By the way it seems things at Crowd 1 have become elephant.

Tanga Tanga is next on the list.

The mere act of reviving ICC cases will deal a blow to Ruto’s reputation. Media will begin to retell the atrocities that happened in 2007/08 and a sizeable percentage of Kikuyus will rethink their support.
If this fails, the ethics commission will find a way to disqualify him.
If that doesn’t work, then IEBC will do its think with the vifaranga za computer.
If that fails, he might be eliminated a few years into his presidency.