Have we become a country full of pathological liars?? Are we born liars already??

You can imagine people lying so blantantly without even shame.

You can imagine a head of police saying that someone hanged himself using a jacket lining on a water pipe. Is that even possible?? A water pipe can’t even support a 20kg bag since it will bend how can it then support somebody with 60kg and not even bend. The pipe even looks like it has never been touched since Moi became president. Worse still he will go back home to his family and behave as if nothing happened.

Back then Arap Mashamba lied to Kenyans how maize from Mexico took a week to reach the port of Mombasa you would think it was using a speed boat yet it was a ship. Goods being shipped from South Africa take a minimum of 3 weeks to reach the Kenyan Coast how then can maize being shipped from Mexico a country in North America thousands and thousands of kilometres reach us in a week??

Pathological lying is in our DNA…

It is simply because we can. Its our warped up value system. We forget that our kids do what we do. You are on the phone and you tell what you imagine is an “innocent white lie” say about where you are. Then you sanction your ward for doing the same. How fucked up is that?

was the pipe in the cell GI or PPR?

What I saw him pointing at was a galvanized steel pipe.

With all these reach, mbirrionaire villagers around…do you have to ask that question?

Hii ‘GI’ na ‘PPR’ ni mboga gani ?

:Dthat might not have bent then Watson?

Stop lying. Ship from South Africa takes 3 days.

:D:D:D:D:D…he said we have become pathological liars…he’s living the part…


GI size gani that could not bend…a 1/2 GI pipe will obviously bend due to any weight over 20kgs

nani amekwambia ni ya half?
you don’t get my point, do you? My point is that if you are going to dismiss somebody as a liar then you better have all the facts, sio kujijazia the unknowns.
do you know the stress required to bend the pipe is dependent on the length - the longer the weaker. Do we know the length and whether it was attached on both ends and therefore supported? No. If it had a joint? No. just too many variables

It is the legacy of colonialism.

Bwfore the white man arrived negros did not even know what a lie was.

Depends on the length boss.
Your weight can obviously bend a full length but can hardly do anything to a short section around 3 or 4 feet.

Hio pipe haikai kusuport mtu,kuna kitu inaitwa moment kwa physics,the way it is attached the turning effect would make it come out,pia the tank iko kwa corridor,kwani alikuwa pekeyake kwa the whole station,hakuna mtu ata mmoja agepitia kwa hio corridor amuone.lie,white lies
edit;picha iko somewhere the police spokesman is showing journalists around the cell


Tall Mnyambo leo umepost kitu ya maana.

Do you know that the consequences of a prisoner dying in the cells,hapo kuna watu kadhaa job imeenda hivyo tu .

afande if they knew the consequences mbona basi wakubalishe ihappen? ama walinukishiwa kitunguu wakasema kufa dreva kufa makanga

You still believed he was murdered in the cell , postmortem report will be out by the end of the day.