Paternity wazito

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umepatikana baba

Kwani is it a crime for a man to confirm paternity before jumping all in? With all confessions of men unknowingly raising other people’s children? wacheni hizo whiteknights hata kama ni likes za pink handles mnataka

A very good friend was in the same problem, but yake was abit obvious, it had a 4 weeks gap. He expected the child to be born on August but walienda scan around end of June akaambiwa mtoi by 28th June atakua amezaliwa. True to those words mtoi was born on 28th June but already jamaa alikua amejitoa. I will advise you. Go to a medical center along Waiyaki way just next to Toyota service centre i dont remember jina. Huyu boy wangu nilimshow aende apo na he was given exact date. My small boy date also they got it spot on. It is a bit on the upper side of ultra sound scan costs around 8-10k but kaa mtoi ameform vizuri they give you a 90-100% to EDD.
Enda pata date fanya hesabu ukirudi nyuma.

Naona kama DNA Lazma.