Paternity wazito

A friend of mine(ktalker) had an ultra sound that says his woman has a 51 day old embryo. he has been with the woman for 54 days, before which there was a 10 day break. Before the break he had been with the woman for like months. wakumbwa hiyo kitu iliform in 3 days? ama inaangukia 10 day break? How does one do this paternity test without getting the bitch to freak out and try to manipulate things or throw tantrums and drama. like do it without their knowledge. Asking for the friend expecting a kid.

Nikisema DNA test nitakuwa nimesaidia?

Who cheated that the ultra sound is 100% correct? Boss, u r talking about a woman who will soon give life. How stupid are some men who engage in raw coitus with women and they rush here seeking advise on what to do once they discover the woman is paged! What did he expect? Some oranges? Waeza panda mahindi halafu msimu wa kuvuna uvune pojo?
The most annoying thing in this particular case is that the guy is making some calculations based on an imperfect technology and when he gets a difference in days (days villagers!) he jumps! Yet he has been sleeping with this woman for months!
Ur friend anataka kuruka hiyo Mimba and the coward doesn’t know how.

Sema ni wewe wachana na story ya a friend. Tell the lady you want to take a dna test to confirm that you are indeed the seed donor.

Keep quiet and do the test when the baby is out.
Keep your emotions out of it and just be normal.
When the results are out, you do the right thing.

hehe umecatch sana bana. Neither I nor him are medics, so we are not trying to be wajuaji on the ultrasound accuracy. ndio nimeuliza. He told me he’s waiting for the baby first instead of trying to cast doubts without evidence, but he is interested in testing if the baby physically looks alien to his lineage.

Akuwe mpole tu…

10 day break?Are you mad!!! The baby was probably conceived before the break. Everything has an error propability of +/-(certain value). So don’t think an ultra sound will pin point to you an exact date.

Yes. M very bitter I must be honest. A woman needs her man’s support most of the times and definitely when she is pregnant. During this time, her hormones are jumbled up, he immune is at all time low not to mention mood swings. Now, when u sleep with a woman without protection and she gets pregnant, u have no business trying to calculate and estimate when she got paged unless:

  1. She was a prostitute or u have been suspecting her. In such a case, you must be stupid to fuck her without protection.
  2. The guy anataka ruka and he is looking for flimsy reasons to succeed in his mission.

Umepatikana !:smiley:


My friend has trust issues just like me.

Men will be fucked until they learn. Won’t say they don’t deserve, especially white knights.
Meanwhile @Rene Descartes the best solution is to get the test after birth. How well can your nigga chill, be supportive even for 9months? It will be necessary.

@Deorro leta ile kunguru inafly.

You have a vagina and an enemy of the boy child

Hehehe niko ocha bana. Comp ilibaki Nairobi

Ultrasound are not 100% accurate,my son was born at week 38,ultrasound had predicted 40th week

There is no way you can trust these young women 100%. He tells me he’s waiting for the kid but cant help think about it. He is cool they are together and they arent debating about it.

Leo @kwido Umekuwa femiNazi(the male version)…hutaki wana!

I don’t engage with idiots hasa nyakati zile wanarukia maneno ka baiskeli ya kuiba.
No further engagement.
More power to you idiot!

He he he… M being level bro.