Paternity Tests Muhimu

A source pale Kemri DNA lab testing says maajabu hutokea in at least 3 out of 5 cases they receive for testing. Paternity tests naskia are the worst.

Finding out your kid ain’t yours is worse than finding out your wife had an affair.

Kimbia pale KEMRI’s online shop and order a paternity test kit ( ). Starts from 20k.


How effective is this home DNA test kit? Can I use it badala ya kuenda huko KEMRI?

another 60 IQ bonobo

Thank you for noticing fellow 60 IQ bonobo

Huoni those are COLLECTION kits. Yaani you swab the inside of your (supposed) kid’s mouth alafu unapeleka lab.

Nini huelewi hapo?

kichwa maji

Maji kama ya mkundu mama yako chafu sana ilikuwa inatoa mavi jana

Sasa ngoja MPs wakimbie parliament and make this kit illegal or introduce nonsensical consent laws involving the prime suspect (mother).

Itakuwa “Collecting DNA from a child without consent from BOTH parents is a criminal offense punishable by incarceration of XY years”.

*BOTH means mother because she is the suspect and has no reason to conduct a DNA test anyway.

Any action meant to free the slave from military or financial responsibilities (his or otherwise) will be sabotaged immediately. Since the dawn of human time, no law has ever been passed to benefit the common man. You can expect regulation regarding the use of these kits SOON.

Don’t shoot the messenger. That’s just how the world works. The system must squeeze every last drop of sweat from a man between 25 and 65 using both push and pull laws. You burden him with responsibilities on one side, and entice him with a salary on the other side. Carrot and stick approach.

You can’t have Kiptoo, Kamau, and Onyango having zero motivation of reporting to work simply because they no longer have “parental” responsibilities. If too many men find out that their whoring wives sired kids with strangers, the productivity of the workforce will decline significantly. The powers that be can’t have that.

Kamau, Onyango and Kiptoo must report at the plantation (hotel, mjeii, farm, garage, office, etc) without fail…even if it means criminalizing those tests.

Very soon they wakiona akina @Karoga @Sambamba and @Kodiaga MGTOW gang wamekuwa wengi sana they will introduce a tax or some special law for them too.

wewe ni mjinga sana. These tests will soon be the norm.

Wewe ni kumbaff tuu. You don’t understand how the system works.

It’s because by the time one resolves to go for the test, they are already suspicious. So 3 out of 5 suspicious people confirm their suspicions, not a bad return at all.

With this theory some langa will scratch her behind n pin the pregnancy on some mp so they definitely not allowing it. Paternity is here to stay n if anything it will soon be a requirement when going to courts 4 support issues. Even foreign embassies have made it a norm.

A main has 3 viable options

  • Abstain
  • Use protection
  • Get snipped

coitus doesn’t have to lead to a bastand

That nigga is retarded opting to give very unsolicited opinion kwa every thread kuonyesha ujuaji. Akuna law ii dunia inaweza deter paternity tests.

home test kid unanunua unafanya mtoi then unahama kama si wako . beta simps kama @SledgeHammer najua ni kuchukua panga na kukata bibi kichwa.

but the best thing for male kenyans to do hata kama munapendana aje , mtoto akizaliwa fanya DNA si lazima bibi ajue . kuliko ugundue mtoi akiwa 30 years

Unaogopa nani uko?


hapa kenya naona kama ni different

baba abby angependa kufanya dna, kwanza saa hii venye ako campaign, kila town akisimama anapita na moja

hii kitu private labs in nai huishi wamengoja…KMLTTB na pharmacy board ndio zinavutana…but soon its going to be the norm…and with competition its going ata to cost 5 gees…the same way kuna wakati covid test ilikuwa 10k na sai ni 2500

Makunguru watatii…DNA testing ikiwa trend i foresee alot of broken marriages and relationships. Wacha tuone. When it becomes way cheaper for regular toms and dicks wasee watatest sana na machozi itakuwa hii kenya ngoja tu