Patel Hapana Cheza

Indian-Americans are the highest earning ethnic group in America. They out-earn whites, Chinese, Japs, etc. Kama kawaida negroes are last. This just shows that their economic success is global, not local.

Yet Jews and whites have more wealth in America and Europe

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Why don’t you start with Indians here in Kenya. They control 60% of the economy high up the supply chain, the Somalis control biashara za mikono

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Hapo kwa Somalis hiyo ni upuss. There are very many peasant Somalis in every town. Millions in fact. You just seem to notice the successful ones more because of their unique appearance. I would say the only true outliers are Indians and maybe a few Arabs.

Lakini if these people are so entrepreneurial and smart, why can’t they build their countries to such levels so that they don’t ever have to leave their countries only to form parallel societies in their new countries? They are called economic parasites. People who, instead of building their homes, go to already built countries and form parallel societies while demanding that the government recognize them for all their contributions to the economy by way of paying taxes. They love using this argument……”Oh, we pay taxes blah blah blah”. Jenga kwenu nikuheshimu.

Yes hata wakenya wajenge kwao wakiwa majuu, sio kuwa na mentality ya wasomalia ati invest where you live.

Wenye somalis unaona successful ni wale waliomoka wakati wa piracy na hio chain alafu wakaunganisha na kuibia county zao nakuinvest town Kenya ndo unaona ni matajiri but in reality they are among the poor of the poor

aint jews white?


What does this mean?

Negro Is A Bad Manager!

Officer si wewe ni economic refugee huko sodom of America?