Patco vamoosed to Siberia

That street urchin has his balls clipped temporarily. But he has at least 10 other handles. Telltale signs of a Patco handle.

  1. Trump
  2. Obama
  3. g**
  4. Matako
  5. Kunia or mavi
  6. Black American
  7. Jaruo or Luo
  8. Luhya
  9. Cnn
  10. Democrat
  11. Republican

Be on the lookout for the following keywords, or reference of those terms. It’s him. His brain cannot exercise any freedom outside those areas.
[SIZE=6]And do due diligence on threads created by such. [/SIZE]

@WIGSPLITTA ni patco

[SIZE=5]@Condor ni @Kondoo[/SIZE]


Kijiji imepungiza ujinga…lol…haijaisha…lakini huyo mjinga wa kijiji amesumbua na ushenzi 4 too long 4 the owner to notice

[SIZE=5]12. Using ‘larger than normal’ font. Mostly size 18. It is not hard to identify that Murican KKK pro-Trump Uncle Sam house Negro gaylord shiet.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Some of us prefer[/SIZE] [SIZE=5]Using ‘larger than normal’ font. Probably size 18[/SIZE]

Ata activate @kipuke handle

Afadhali patco kuliko jaluo @Mangele na kombamwiko kama wewe…kazi yako ni kulalamika hapa ka malaya mzee na mangele ni kujaza server na meffi

Wewe lichambassi ya mtito andei. Si Tulikubaliana ukae Kando.


@Electronics4u ban his IP address

Whose ip address?


You will have to ‘work’ on a whole big bunch of handles. Kuna kitu mi hunishangaza…why do you guys read someone you don’t wanna read and then find time to thread about them when there is so much else going on in this gaddam universe? aki mna roho.
S’like going to the library and choosing books from the section you hate and then complaining about the authors/content. Guys just block and you will have much needed peace.

I thought he meant OP. @Electronics4u how many times would you guys allow this vumptitious idiot spamming your site with insults… you guys are either afraid or part of the circus…

I wanted to post something before his latest anxiety attack. He’s literally destroyed all threads the last 2 days.

Shit shit nimetupwa Siberia…be careful trolling patco can land you there.

no my deer, some of us wont allow a bully-idiot to roam the village. we wont block him but take him head-on with all our resources. hio umbwa patco aka @WIGSPLITTA tuko na yeye unyo kwa unyo

Getting rid of his/her handles is an exercise by itself. Uzuri wa blocking is you don’t see all of that shit.s.