@patco @purple - Black Citizens Can’t Vote

Walahi i’m lost :smiling_face: Clear this up for me. African-Americans have been denied the right to vote?! This is the MAGA you wanted, right? You honestly believe this is right?

They are coming to your country with dollars. They will rule you.

[SIZE=7]Georgia Knew Its Voter Roll Practice Was Discriminatory. It Stuck With It Anyway.[/SIZE]

An analysis found that 70 percent of people whose voter registration is in jeopardy are black residents.

A Georgia process for verifying voters’ information has left the applications of over 53,000 people in jeopardy, and 70 percent of those applications are from black people, an Associated Press analysis published Tuesday found.

The stark disparity drew scrutiny because Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R), the state’s top elections official, is running for governor. He is locked in a tight race with Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic leader in the Georgia statehouse who, if elected, would be the first black woman to serve as a governor in the United States.

The reason so many voters’ registration status is considered incomplete is because the state requires the information in a new application to exactly match the way the potential voter’s name appears in a state driver’s license database or a federal Social Security database. Any small discrepancy, like a hyphen or varied spelling, puts someone’s registration in jeopardy.

Danielle Lang, senior counsel at Campaign Legal Center, which sued Georgia over the practice in 2016, said it’s easy to get a mismatch under the process. She pointed to a 2009 audit from the Social Security Administration’s inspector general that said matching voter records with a Social Security database produced inaccurate matching.

“There are kind of endless ways for this to go wrong. Anyone who transposes a digit or a letter at any point, either at the DMV or at the clerk’s office at the registration, or the voter themselves, any tiny error is going to lead to a no match,” she said. “You can imagine that for foreign names the likelihood of a misspelling happening at some point during various data inputs is more likely.”

Voters who don’t get an exact match on their records have 26 months to correct it or else they get removed from the voter rolls, but they can cast a regular ballot at the polls if they bring identification within that period. If they don’t have identification, they can cast a provisional ballot.

Voting rights have come into sharp focus in the race for governor given Kemp’s current position and Abrams’ previous work registering voters. Georgia was one of a handful of states that were entirely covered by the 1965 Voting Rights Act and required to seek federal approval for any changes to its voting practices until 2013, when the Supreme Court struck down a key portion of the law.

After coming into office in 2010, Kemp implemented the new rule, often referred to as “exact match.” He initially gave new voters 40 days to clarify any discrepancies or their voter registration would be canceled. The process was approved by the Justice Department, but civil rights groups sued Kemp over the practice in 2016, saying that it disproportionately discriminated against minorities because an overwhelming number of the nearly 35,000 applications that had been suspended or canceled were from minorities. Kemp settled the case in February 2017 and agreed to essentially stop using the process.

But then in April 2017, Georgia lawmakers enacted a statute that authorized the state to continue to use the process, but it was tweaked to give residents 26 months to correct any discrepancies before they were removed from voter rolls.

Lang said that when Georgia lawmakers enacted the policy, they had clear evidence that it was racially discriminatory.

“We have explained to the Georgia legislature and to Secretary Kemp repeatedly that the process has really glaring and extreme racial disparities… It has been known for years that that’s the case in Georgia,” she said. “That’s part of why it was so troubling that after this case settled, having alleged the disparities that we put forward, for the legislature to turn around and reinstate a policy that had kind of documented disparities like this.”

“I think it tells you that they were on notice when they passed this law that what they were doing was wrong,” said Ezra Rosenberg, an attorney at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which also sued Kemp over the law in 2016.

[INDENT]I think it tells you that they were on notice that they were on notice when they passed this law that what they were doing was wrong.Ezra Rosenberg, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law[/INDENT]

you are making a storm in a teacup. zetu za presidential tunaongezanga zeros na hatusumbui

I don’t believe it. Dems are guilty of registering non citizens and illegal aliens to vote because that’s the only way they can win.

Don’t spin your tires too much, it is like trying to explain to defacto white persons (patco, purple) black peoples problems.

Hamsumbui ama hamuwezi sumbua? There’s a big difference sister/broda… one says you don’t have any balls and the other says you spread it wide open on K-Street for free. Which one are you?

Yeah I know. Rhetorical.

You had me choking on my coffee there.

Ouch!! Really sis? I support you on everything else lakini hii punch is way below the belt. How do I ‘unread’ your comment?! Kuja pole pole dada.

Dems are gonna win in a landslide next month. Watch this space.

Ii thought @Purple ni mkaaji wa Kabete sahiii…

Clinton won the popular vote but over 800,000 votes were definitely fraudulent. Who knows the actual figures? Could be higher, certainly.

[SIZE=7]Trump argument bolstered: Clinton could have received 800,000 votes from noncitizens[/SIZE]

Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from noncitizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.

Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on noncitizen voting, and this week he posted a blog in response to Mr. Trump’s assertion.

Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.

Mr. Richman calculated that Mrs. Clinton would have collected 81 percent of noncitizen votes.


From deep down the bottom of your heart (forget about blogs for a second) you know this is not true, right? So far there has been no credible evidence to support this. Now you’re pushing beyond my comfort zone (I really don’t like politics/politicians). 800k fraudulent votes? Evidence. Let’s agree to disagree on this because you’re definitely from a red state and I’m deep in a blue zone.

They will win the House. They cannot win the Senate at all.

You quote a scientific result but then go on to speculate in the most unscientific manner.

Even then, why are Georgia lawmakers now going to extreme lengths to disenfranchise black voters?

It’s not disenfranchisement, they are trying to prevent voter fraud from recurring. I’m black so why haven’t I had a problem voting? These Dems have sensed defeat in Georgia so per usual (tumezoea), they start crying about racial discrimination. Like, grow up!! :rolleyes:

Take off your GOP googles, othewise you’ll not understand why scouring voter rolls to zap out 70% of a demographic can only be an act of desperation.

You don’t live in Georgia therefore you cannot speak for them. Every state has its own laws. This story is even on CNN and other media stations so how can it be wrong? Plus which immigrants are you talking about? In that case i believe Texas has more illegal immigrants than Georgia coz of the expansive border with Mexico but they don’t behave in such a racist fashion. People should style up and stop racism, come on, this is 2018. Let black people fight for their rights.

Nimewachia hapo kwa CNN…

Hahaha. Republicans CNN iliwaweza

Tony, Tony by the way uliwahi ishi Columbus, Ohio? If so, I think I know who you are based on how you talk. My oh my! :eek::smiley:
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