@patco , pass by we have a word or two

@patco how are you today. Iv been a very keen reader of your posts and today I want to give you my thoughts and the people who cheer you along.

Maybe you found your way to usa , which is good and ok. But your rat infested shit-hole brain think that because you have an opportunity to be there you are better off than most immigrants.

Screw you with an oiled free dildo. Praising white racists doesn’t make you white …to them you are still nigga nigga I put it twice for a reason . Go decipher for yourself it’s meaning.

I see you opening your shithole ass praising whoever you are praising.Why I’m I even wasting time creating a thread to bisect your already white wash disillusioned mind.

I know your house is a home to two statues of :
1 Naked obese Buddha
2 Naked racist leader.
Just before you kiss your wife (who a probably not kenyan ) from a busy day as a restaurant server,you rub your tinny little fingers on Buddha’s belly as you rub your arse on your leaders crouch.

You are a shallow headed scumbag standing next to an over filled duschebag. Lamenting here how your leader has big balls doesn’t make you white . You are still a nigga nigga in their eyes. Let that sink in you and sink in slowly.

Ferk you , ferk you and ferk all minions that cheer you along as you expose you ravaged rat infested vagaboon wet white painted opinions. KENYAN,keep those opinions to yourself you KENYAN or go tweet in his page.
Go live in West Kentucky fool and let them see a nigga nigga just moved in and please pick a bullhorn as you grab your ass with your left hand and tell them you are die hard fan to their racist leader.Next day you will see a hanging rope with a noose on the tree(They did this to me just let you know and I was a true conservative- thought you should know).They hate you nigga nigga.Please go ferk yourself idiot.I’m done ranting.

irony when someone called bottoms is calling someone else a shithole ass

Shait, what has come of people of late ?


These Bottoms are no good…

What’s wrong with giving credit where it’s due.


There are 2 terms that I have learned in the course of listening to Black Consciousness Movement speakers.
Coon or Uncle Tom which is equivalent to House Negro or in Kenya those people we called Home Guards.
Bed Wench hii I don’t know how to explain lakini Google can learn you more about it.
What I have come to accept after much difficulty is that there are people who will tell you that we were better off as a British colony or that a people are better off as slaves etc
Here’s Malcolm X


Following.Someone pin this thread.This is going to be interesting.



mbona unatumia account mpya? Mwanaume ni kutumia usual account. Otherwise I can’t respond to a coward. Unajificha nini? Jitokozee!!

Angalieni fuda miria

@Amused unasumbua. Si wewe na @patco muende mkamuane bila kusumbua Kijiji.

huyu sio amused. Amused is an idiot. I think ni mjamaa tu fulani who reads ktalk from a distance leo akaamua afungue roho. either that or admin doing his usual chokizaring with his many handles.

What the fuck did I do? Sober up kijana…

And about this statement here above, what exactly did the white man do to you on that particular day? Sounds serious, did you report to the police?

All I got was that you grabbed your ass and started shouting on a bull horn that you like Trump or something. Well, that’s your business. Now if you live next to red necks how do we help you? And why were you antagonizing them in the first place, you do know they can kill you? Talk to purple she’ll show you a safer neighborhood where you can grab your ass and shout on bullhorns all day every day.

Nyinyi waKenya mna mchezo sana. Fucking around with rednecks. You want to be dragged behind a truck? Stick to Kenyan politics. unapeleka ujuaji U.S. ya nini? Or shout on ktalk not in real life.

And if you hate whites so much why in the world did you go to their country in the first place? Si ukae kwenu. Stick to your homeland.

Unakuja kulia hapa tukusaidie na nini? Shida za kujitafutia unaniambia nikusaidie aje sasa?

     Your last quote was at 08:53pm then your next quote is 2hrs later at 10:27pm. So in those 2 hours my quote has been ferking up your head. Proves you are bothered.This was my intention.Target hit .I thought you mentioned you have no time for my cowardice self? Listen i don't hate whites. 80% of them are my close friends.

    You know what I hate , a home guard African/house nigga as Malcom X put it , acting like he is white by standing by a racists leader to his black brothers. That's what you are, a vagaboon. i just told you keep your posts to his Facebook page or twitter. It will make more sense.Hold on , I despise you more than even the racist leader himself.
    Have you seen who he surrounds himself with? No blacks asses apart from brain surgeon . But you *nigga nigga* has the audacity of praising such leader even despite him calling where your father and mother live to be shit-hole?? Lord please give me a break!!Please stop crying a ferking wolf. You are stupid as it gets. Keep posting how you will love your ass to be oiled and fondled by your bigot leaning  opinions . Ferk

House niggas is what we have here. Malcom X was right to the bone . White ass kissers

You already sound confused. Mara you like them, mara you don’t like them… hebu decide.

And I also asked, what are you doing in their countries anyway? Si ukae kwenyu na uwache kasheshe mob. Umeenda huko ukachapiwa huko, good stuff. Unakaa mtu anafaa kugonga gongwa upate akili.

kanye west mwenyewe ana endorse trump, wewe fala ya kenya unatuambia nini? Si uoshe dishes na wazee na magari kama umetulia. You are just an immigrant there looking for mzungu dollars. Makelele miiingi ya nini.

The owner of BET has endorsed Trump, wewe unaongea kama nani na unatuambia nini? You are not an American. You are not a billionaire! You are not a mover or shaker of anything… tukuskie wewe kama nani?! Who are you?