Patco kwa bash ya coronatirries


Ghetto people

Ako na bahati aliwacha hiyo kisu, saizi angekua Langata Womens .halafu hawa ndio madem wanawekea kina @Tom Bayeye standards.

I like how, amidst of all these commotion, guys are helping themselves with the B-Day cake. Hunger is real.


@Sambamba , it’s funny how you mentioned @Coronatities .

It seems you can’t stop thinking about her. Nilisema unapenda hio single mother and I don’t think I am off the mark. There is something going on between you and @Coronatities . We will soon know.

:D:D:D mkono inamega ni kama ugali


He’s actually not even trying compared to you. You’ve been super quiet for like 4-5 days now as far as tagging and mentioning me and to be honest, both my feelings and my pockets are hurting because I’m losing out on an ongoing bet because you’re trynna pretend I don’t exist anymore. You went from flooding my alerts with this handle and decided to only mention me thrice using your other handle and insult me twice using yet another. That’s some cold sh!t man. I need you to give me all that attention you did before because I’m invested now.

I can’t deal with ZERO alerts from you this long. Let’s go back to the usual minimum of 15-18 daily or 30-40 on a heavy-flow day, mkay?

[SIZE=1]Also, you keep tagging this guy everywhere EVERYDAY! Should I be worried about you two “swordfighting” and not inviting me to watch?[/SIZE]

Nilikuambia wacha kuongea mingi, itikia mapenzi. Time is running out. @Sambamba is willing and ready.

If you just say yes, you can move from Paipu and upgrade to Valley Arcade in next to no time. Uoshe hio vumbi ya Eastlands.

@Sambamba even has a second hand Audi with which he can drive you around the best hotels on the Western side of the city. Have you been to The Curve? Ongea na @Sambamba vizuri uondokee Embassava uingie Uber.

Sisumbuani na wewe leo

] mbwa takataka ya municipal

Fight fight fight fight

uliacha umama?

Zii, unataka kunichezea cha baba

mbona wanaitana bro ama hao ni magàys