Patco Kam Hia And Help Your Man...

This guy cannot defend himuselfu… :D:D:D

This is the testimony they’re talking about:


The forensic audits will continue despite any diversions. The full report will come out soon. No diversion will save your asses. You can start 10 commissions or even 7 more impeachment proceedings but the report is coming. And after all is said and done Biden will either step down nicely or live in a bullet proof chamber.

If the protestors were mostly negroes they would have been slaughterd like swines.

America is Piece oF Sh!t

President Trump will win by 8Am, President Trump’s motorcade vs Biden Motorcade, Trump running aganist a dead man.

Who is the President now?:D:D

You don’t brag about a stolen election.

In fact this wasn’t an election, it was a coup. The army, the FBI , the CIA, congress, the media were all in on this coup.

And it is not over not by a long shot.

Have you seen this?


Last year :



White house under attack last year :


USA is Piece of Shit :meffi:.

Double standards.

You can’t Do Like They Do. FCVK The US

When you talk of U.S.A it’s the same way as saying all Kenyans are corrupt shit.

You lump everyone into the same group.

And which country doesnt have double standards?

Your beloved China is in Iraq and Iran right now siphoning oil. The war on terrorism was in fact George Bush helping ally China to acquire more oil. U.S mbirrioneas are conjoined twins with China.

Jeff Bezos cannot survive without China. Biden has made billions from China. Obama same story.

China is now ready to enter Afghanistan. You are but a pawn on the chessboard.

In fact it seems like America is a partner in OBOR. Did you see that coming? No.

USA is global terrorist No.1
Kazi ya USA ni kuuwa innocent people large scale. USA kills more innocent people than ALL purported EVIL Arab/mooslem terrorists combined. FVCK the US
Kazi ni kuinvade sh!thole cesspits, why don’t they invade China or Russia and install their warped form of US democracy fvcking Satans

The mistake you are making is that you don’t see the big picture.

China is not China. China is a puppy built by American billions.

Have you ever seen the U.S attacking China, ever ? No!

In 1989 when Russia fell, George Bush refused to support the rioters in Tianenman square Beijing. Everyone saw that.

China cannot fall. China is too important for America’s survival. American mbirrioneas have invested too much money in China for Trump to fuck around.

If China falls fellows like Jeff Bezos will lose everything. North America i.e New York , California, Chicago etc is built on China’s shoulders.

The Southern part of America whose factories were destroyed and shipped to China have nothing to lose. If you used to make cars in Michigan but your factory was moved to China by Biden and Clinton , you have nothing to lose. You are very much in the modern South.

The Chinese people are the new negro. They are the ones who pick the cotton today and earn peanuts.

Land of The free yet you have more prisons and prison population than any other nation on EARTH per capita. That is what Capitalism is all about. Business. Prison is Business in the United Sodom of Gomorrah


United Sodom survives on Propaganda from Hollywood.

Hollywood paints the USA to be a Paradise of Sort, we know it is NOT even close to the quality of life of Countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark yet these countries don’t spend billions advertising themselves and raping kids in the Middle East like Satanists USA.

USA to me is the equivalent of used toilet paper, full of sh!t

There are many jobless Americans who preffer prison than life on the street.

They are institutionalized. They commit crimes to go back in because prison is safe. It gives order to their lives because out there, there is nothing. In prison you work out , you learn woodwork, boxing , art etc.

Even in Kenya there are young men who admit that after they heard that school is free in jail, they broke the law. In Kenyan prison you get to finish KCPE, KCSE. Free food. Life on the outside is hard.

Human beings have a way of turning bitter lemons into viable lemonade. Prison is today a company with CEOs, and foot soldiers.

A top drug dealer in the U.S prefers prison. If it’s women you want that can be arranged. Some female guards in the U.S even marry prisoners because prisoners are millionaire drug dealers! They can pay her rent easily.

You can even get your own private quarters if you are a drug lord. And you can manage a drug empire from jail. In short these systems have failed.

If you are a small criminal and want to rise up quickly just shoot someone go to jail and within 5 years you are a shot caller on the street. Within prison you will be promoted by your boss himself.

Nordic countries are great but do you want to give the govt 75% of your pay cheque? :D:D

Nordic countries are socialist countries.

Europeans are running away to Malindi to hide from the tax man back home.

@Ndindu you are not a socialist, you are a Republican , a conservative.

Republicans are the shit. We hate big govt, we hate big taxes, we love freedom to shoot guns and drive big trucks with big engines.

Democrats are socialists. They love big govt. They love taxing the rich or people who work hard. They hate mining, fishing… they love spending money but they hate people who make money.

You have seen Patrice Cullors pretending to be a socialist but there she was buying million dollar homes.

You have seen Obama pretending to be a socialist yet today he is receiving millions from deep state and buying homes n shit.