Nani ashawahi kukatiwa na pasta? There’s a very popular pasta who told me that if a woman goes to him to complain about her husband the best way he can help her is to sleep with her. Mimi as rule of thumb I go to the pastor’s wife. Never the pasta coz mambo ni mengi ukikaribia the anointed man of God, Satan is never far, lurking waiting for the opportune time.

Instead of going to them come to me.

Seek professional help avoid visiting pastors and their wives

Baba Panya Kuja tuanzishe cult ujifanye we ni bwanagu tupige picha tuiite Panya and Capote Ministries. Money making is more important than anything we can do for each other.

Hao ndio the real professionals

Nice thinking. Am in.

Let’s make this paper. @Purple give us the teaching of your cult, we want to start our own. Kwanzaa we start with how Satan was a homosapien hybrid with a snake pale Eden.

Tell me more about a cult. How do you go about starting one?

Unique teachings that makes you seem to know more than mainstream churches then tell people that you are the only ones going to heaven.

Pastors are human beings, they have feelings and get tempted, why do we elevate them to semi gods. They are mare human beings.

Hata Yule pastor alioa kahaba, u really want to go to her for advice???, Or people Change?? Rule of thumb, kunguru is kunguru never changes, ama???

My point was don’t take your problems to a MALE pastor if you are a woman especially sensitive problems like your husband’s excessive sexual demands coz you are opening a door.

Ooohhh!, Uliacha ohangla, Black Pearl siku hisi Ni lege ubaya

Hii Corona Joe.


I agree. Case in point…
Tuesday, 10 August 2021 – A jilted man has taken to social media and exposed a pastor who wrecked his marriage.

The Nigerian man identified as Bright Ben went on a ranting spree on Facebook and narrated how he introduced his wife to the rogue pastor, not knowing that he was secretly wooing her behind his back.

His marital woes started after the pastor appointed his wife to lead women in the church.

After his wife was elevated by the rogue pastor, she reportedly moved out of their matrimonial home with their two kids and cut communication after blocking his phone number.

The pastor / below

Funniest thing I have seen.De pasta is kissing very suspish na macho moja waiting for the husband to pounce.