So there’s this pastor in our neighbourhood – strange guy. He runs a thriving church business. He also claims he can treat a variety of ailments by prayer. So occasionally a patient will go to his house, where he’ll practice his magic on them.

Leo I heard the pastor’s wife giving this narration to another lady: Ati juzi usiku a member of the congregation knocked on the pastor’s door. He was welcomed. The guy explained to the pastor how for the past three weeks, he’d been unable to empty his bowels (constipation).

The pastor listened keenly, afterwhich he laid hands on the guy’s head and prayed. After the prayer, the pastor pointed to the floor and ordered the guy to defecate there. (On the living-room floor). The guy was reluctant but the pastor assured him, “wewe usijali. Tutapanguza tu.”

Finally the guy relented. He pulled down his pants and squatted. To his suprise, he was able to unload a large lump of steamy shit. He was delighted, and profligately thanked the pastor.

According to the wife, the pastor didn’t keep his word. He ordered the guy to clean up his mess and go.

Mosa unasumbua


hii ni nini sasa jameni?

Hii ni ujinga gani haki nimesoma?

Hata mimi sisemi kitu…

Ah this neanderthal again na story zake after amevuta super glue.

I can “see” you’ve lost all sense of purpose

:D:D I “see” what you did there…

Exactly…He should’ve been thankfully grateful while cleaning his mess…then again, I consider all this story hadithi mrefu.

Of All the things that Never happened…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Ulisondekwa macho mkubwa?

Shouldn’t you visit him? Maybe he will pray for your deformed eyes.


Lauren unasumbua.

Avoid using drugs

enda ucommit suicide ukufe,

wakanda shit is this?

Fucking gày shit