Pastors & Police Officers Are The Worst People To Do Business With, They DON'T PAY

These are the community parasites. If you ever get contracted to do work for any of them make sure you demand 99% payment upfront. Our society has conditioned them to be only recipients of cash. Pastor is to Offering as Police Officer is to Bribe. FVCK them both. Prostitutes also fall into this category.

Umefanya biashara na paster ukidhani ni ndugu ya jeso. My friend hii kenya kila mtu ni mwisi. Church is hiding a lot of illicit things that they preach from uganga to prostituson

ongeza politicians kwa hio list.

Never lend women money .

Police, Pastor, Prostitute , Politician. 4P’s to avoid in your business.

Mmesahau wapi wajaluo?

wears helmet

Any person who does not believe in a pay for a days work but rather in luck/blessing or whatever they call it is like a gambler. A gambler has no respect for your sweat, is a game to him of taking money from ome pocket to another

Demand 1/4 payment upfront and say it’s to purchase materials. If you are not given, don’t start. When you get to halfway, demand another quarter for labor. By then you should have recovered your full cost. Then demand another quarter. Don’t finish if you haven’t received 90%.

This way you limit your damages.

I thought this is basic business practice…

Siku hizi pastor imekuwa job ya kawaida tu …am currently noticing a lot of dishonesty in most that i interact with. Nideal na mtu yeyote anajiita pastor ama bishop my red pill radar always gets on alert asije akanigonga.

Watu wengine ni Principals wa mashule. Never supply any goods to a school bila kulipwa 3/4 of your money upfront else utalilia kwa choo.

Ifikie wakulima wote… C.O.D

Nilikua nyamakima siku moja kubuy tuvitu nikaskia nugu flani ikiambia mwenye duka vile hawezi toroka na deni coz “Mimi ni pastor”:D:D:D Nowadays every fifth person you meet is a pastor.

As a habit, i trust not a man of the clothe

Kwanza hizo manugu