Pastor Nganga NENO Message

Amidst the sound and fury of his talk, I picked one crucial point: let them try the drug where there is greatest need. Africa is not the land of guinea pigs. In fact we should challenge our scientists and medical researchers to use our herbal potential to find solutions to many ailments. Every plant that is good for food and medicine grows here. What is needed is a no nonsense approach to medical research. I think this virus is slapping us out of a centuries-old slumber. We need to take care of our own, now more than ever.


“Ungirokua ngomeno, na muongerereke gukua” :oops:

I went to school with one of pastor ngangas kids, he had a daughter and a son, early 2000s when they were still “new money”. The son I’ve never seen since early 2000s but the kid was crazy, he’d say and do anything and I mean any rude, filthy word/thing to anybody. It was a shock then but now looking back I realize how funny it was, the apple and the tree are really never far apart :smiley: