Pastor kills wife, then commit suicide during church service!

Elisha Misiko, a pastor at Ground for God’s Gospel 3G Ministries, on Sunday, January 5, 2020, stabbed his wife, Ann Mughoi, at the pulpit of their church in Chembani, Bamburi in Mombasa County.

Kisauni Sub-County Police Commander Julius Kiragu said the pastor stabbed his wife in the back and on the hand, severely injuring her.

Eyewitnesses said the pastor was aiming at the wife’s heart but she raised her hand to protect herself.

At the time of the attack, the church service was already underway.

After stabbing his wife that occurred at about 10.30am, the pastor then slit his own throat.

Police who visited the scene found a 17-page suicide note detailing the couple’s marital woes

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usikae na mtu toxic juu unataka sifa za kuitwa bibi ya pastor, unaogopa watu watasemaje ukidivorce mtumishi. utakufa

Wanawake nao wamezidi

Where was “god” to stop this?. Probably sleeping somewhere

Harsh economic times often result in conflicts

The reason you fail to understand the magnificence of God, is you think…‘which is rather surprising in itself’… that he is a human being.
Therefore he is subject to what you’re accustomed to.

every man has a breaking point

Siku hizi human life has no value. More evidence that science and the constitution are failing to do what religion and traditional customs were doing so well.

Judgement will come later. For now we are allowed to do what we wish to do

Bamburi kila.kitu suicide etc

Enyewe mi huwa sichezi na ma-pastor/ma-evangelist. Many of them seem to have hot tempers.

The problem isn’t in the science and constitution, it is in personal ethics.
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