Pastor Ezekiel, McKenzie, Manyuru, Nganga, Wanjiru, Kanyari, are a clear indication Jesus left Kenyan church kitamboo

There is a song that says we led down the bars the sheep’s got out and the goats got in that’s is the scenario in the Kenyan churches today, the sheep are no longer in the church we just have goats from the pulpit to the pews, all of them tainted.
Jesus Christ said in those days many will come and say in your name we cast out demons, in your name we build the church, in your name we sang gospel music and Jesus will say “depart from me workers of iniquity, I never knew you” that’s Christian theology which confines majority within the walls of Christianity in hell,

As long as we have the market for stupidity. This crazy pastors as benefitaries will not change. Remove the market they will all due.

There is no fcking Jesus anywhere in the universe. There never was!!! When will everyone come to realize this???

They are kids. American mega churches are billion dollar businesses with elaborate tricks that manyuru can pull