Pastor David E Wilson

Pastor David Wilson’s Family Says Man in Scandalous Video Not Him
Friday, October 18, 2019

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A scandalous video featuring a man who resembles Pastor David Wilson of Texarkana, Texas, and a woman who is not his wife has gone viral on social media.

The video shows the man performing a sex act on a woman. But a family member says the video isn’t real and someone is trying to ruin the minister’s good name.

The elder Wilson is the senior pastor of Bibleway Ministries and World Out Reach Inc. in Texas.

“I’m a minister of 32 years, have pastored for 25. I’m a motivator and Love to see lives transformed to the Glory of God,” Wilson says on his website.

But his critics say Wilson is only motivated to chase skirts in the church.

Wilson’s daughter says the man in the video is not her father. She said the scandalous video is a case of mistaken identity.

“Sometimes we unknowingly share our names with complete strangers. But that does NOT mean we share the same Mission or Faith! I am the daughter of the Great Doctor David E. Wilson. This other David E. Wilson is a man who just so happens to share same name as him.”

Correction: according to a loyal reader, the daughter was referring to her father - another pastor with the same name from Dallas TX - after trolls swarmed her dad’s Facebook page because the pastor from Texarkana TX (who is in the video) deleted his FB page.

The sex scandal unfolded when someone uploaded the X-rated video to Twitter. The video shows a man of the cloth perfuming cunnilingus on a woman.

The video was captioned: “Pastor Wilson out here doing the lords work.”

“That’s not the first lady,” commented one church parishioner.

Another Twitter user commented: “The Pastor out here speaking in tongues.”

And a third Twitter user wrote: “Dam what church is this how do I become a member ASAP pastor knows what he’s doing tho amen.”


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